Rant Day

So, I reformatted my computer at the beginning of February.  The goal was to fix some registry issues and also solve some unknown (as per Crash Log Analyzer) crashes in Sims 3.  I ended up deleting my whole Sims 2 downloads folder so that I could start that fresh and more organized.  I got Sims 2 installed completely and then got Sims 3 installed up to the Movie Pack of all things.

I then spent the past 5 days adding about 12,000 packages to Sims 2.  No, that is no exaggeration.  I then played for several days crash free.  I had no interest in adding in Into the Future and just ignored it for over a week.  Why?  Because I DETEST the shit I have to go through as soon as it is installed.  Superpatch was added with the base game, I also patch each individual game as I install them, so that is not the problem.

My problem is having to add 20 games to my DEP settings.  Making sure to add that line in command prompt to allow this stupid ass game to use up more than 2gb of RAM and then, just to be safe, I have to do the LAA crap too.  THEN, after all that is done, I have to install more than 630 sims3packs so that my store content can be used.  Then, I have to hunt down all my non-EA worlds (in a zip file that is 20 gb) and add in all the ones that my legacies use.  Then making sure all my saves are going to be found (Again in a zip file that is 200gb..okay not really, but it is super big..40+ saves).  After that….Dealing with the shit from not having the correct CC for each save.  No, I do have my mods folder saved, but something in there was crashing my game.  So now, I get to spend the next 30 years of my life scouring through it and deleting it and starting over.

Then there is the fact that EA decided to patch twice and Twallan is retired.  Sure, they have people taking over his stuff, but I don’t know them.  We can’t call up Twallan to fix it if they fuck up his shit.  So, no.  I will not ever be patching past 1.63 unless something amazing and wonderful (like a monkey shitting gold) comes through the store.  I am happy to hear that I do not need to patch up for the new venue that I might get next week.

And that is my rant of hate for the week.  166 store items installed.  400 to go!  Oh and don’t forget the hair!  I have roughly 10,000 gbs of hair and makeup to add in next.  I am also going to add in all my freakin roofs that I spent a month downloading last year too.  I miss them!   Ugh, give me two seconds and I’ll find 100 other things to whine about too.

Maybe I will spend the day converting all my non-store items into package files. I am so filled with hate for sims3packs.

On another note, I was so worried about seeing if my Sims 2 BACC, Camden Legacy and 5 Want Challenge were working, that I installed everything needed to make a Megahood.

Hahaha.  Cassandra Goth married Consort Capp.   Amuses me every time I think of that.  Of course, I have it so that only matching first initials can get married and Consort was the first “C” name Cassandra met.  Alexander is gay and in love with an older Amin Sims.  I am hoping he can find someone else though.

Thinking of Sims 2 put me in my happy place.  Maybe I will leave Sims 3 for another week and go back in and play the Caliente’s.  Dina needs a D named man and so far Don is her only option, too bad Don has 3 bolts for Bella and is trying desperately to get in her pants.

New Legacies

I started up a dual legacy in the hopes of regaining interest in Sims.

The Camden Legacies have both finished their respective first generations.

One is Sims 2, the other is Sims 3.   Sims 2 founder is Riley Camden and the Sims 3 founder is Kevin Camden.
Sims 2
Sims 3

It’s going pretty good so far.  I have had a couple of oopsies in Sims 2, but I think I got it sorted out.  I do not like the scoring in sims 2 and I am thinking of changing it to be more like sims 3 with only points for Portraits, Cash, Aspiration points, Permaplat, since Sims 3 is so basic and Sims 2 is pretty hard.

I think I will even attempt impossible wants for both games at one point.

Also going strong in the Sims 2 department:
Pleasant Wishes is almost finished with Round 3, with only two more households before getting all the kids back from University.
Valley View BACC is still plugging away.  Rotation 7, house 4 posted up the other day.

Other than that, I am having crashing issues in the other games.  I had a week of problems that ended up being from a graphics driver update at the beginning of January.  I never noticed it because it did not affect sims 2.  It’s all sorted out thanks to the help of friends at Sims Asylum.  I am hoping to get back to them, I just have no timeframe of when that will be.  At this point, I don’t even miss them or think about them.

Oh and I am running out of things to read.  Damn you people for completing legacies and stories!  If you have something for me to read, post here and I will link it!

I’m Still Around

Well, mostly anyway.   I have been immersed in Skyrim, which I picked up (and it’s expansions) over the holiday’s on Steam for like a total of $15.  I have also been playing  shit-ton of Sims 2, which can be seen over on my Sims 2 blog, which includes a Build a City Challenge and a version of ASimWen’s 5 Want Challenge.

I have not played Sims 3 officially since around October, but I have tried.  I just keep losing interest.

In the hopes of rekindling my interest, I have decided to do official legacies in both Sims 2 and Sims 3, concurrently.  Today, I came across Crowbeak’s Sims 3 Scoresheet and updated it through Into the Future.  I am also awaiting permission from her to post if publicly since hers has not been updated since Showtime.

The question is, will this get me back interested in playing enough to finish up my million ongoing projects?  Who knows.  I am sure they will get done eventually.   The Tart merge has me stuck.  In theory, the generation was a great idea at the beginning, but now that I need to get both families back together, I am coming up with severe issues, dopplegangers and flat out crashes.  One of the Tart’s was born insane, but in the losing side of the family.  The other side already has a sim seconds away from YA and should be heir.  I am thinking Milk Dud for heir, but I still have to get 300 sims merged into one single town.  Is there even a town that Tart’s have not invaded  yet?

Yeah, yeah.  I promised the end of the Vinson’s.  I at least got the Generation 9 heiress all voted on.  I lost that save, but I had a back up so both girls did get new makeovers.  I think I will have them done by Christmas 2025.  I promise this time.

All others are on long hiatuses still.  Most of which were corrupted in a crash a while back, but I do have them portered out and just need new homes.  Touch of Evil, while I miss them, I am waiting for the Villain Legacy scoresheet to be updated.  I believe the last update was for University last March.

Valley of Destiny Begins

With the Vinson’s drawing to a close and Supernatural Sundae’s ending unexpectedly..plus a few others still on hiatus while I work on saving the families, I started Valley of Destiny.


Janet Douglas started out as a berry sim, but she changed in my mind.    She started out as Wisteria Plum Souffle, but I started getting other ideas for her while building her house.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

This is a Risquecy, Janet’s ultimate goal is to have risky woohoo (set at 35%) with 1,000 men….or until I get bored.  There are not that many rules:

You must have Twallan’s Risky Woohooer installed
-You cannot use ‘Try for baby’
-Risky cannot be set no lower than 10% however it’s recommended to set it at 33%.
-Risky cannot be set higher than 50%
-Kids cannot be sent to boarding school
-The kids must live in your sim’s household until he/she is a YA
-Only Risky can be used. Using woohoo is pointless unless he has already impregnated the lady before.
-Your sim can risky woohoo the same sim again only for story line purposes.
-Toddlers don’t have to learn all their skills to age. This leaves room for terrible parent story lines.

Vinson Gen. 9 Heiress Poll *Closed*


Gemma was the clear winner.  Thanks everyone for voting!

Vinson Update: Generation 9 Heiress Poll



Personality-wise, Gemma has no friends.  Even her mom, July, is shown as an acquaintance.  She has an A in school and is currently on the honor roll.  She has 1 gardening, 2 logic, and 4 painting skill levels.  She would rather watch tv or sleep then do any skilling.  She has 3 days left until she is YA.



Jessica is differing a lot from her older sister.  She is best friends with her mom and twin brother.  She is good friends with her grandpa, Leo.  She just aged up to teen, so her school level dropped to a C.  She has 2 charisma, 5 logic, 6 painting and 3 writing skill levels.

Generation 9 Heiress Goals

Heir(ess) must join the law enforcement career. Spouse may do any previously unlocked career.
-Once heir(ess) reaches level 10 in law enforcement, “Rebellious” or “Evil” trait is no longer required for each child, and home security systems are unlocked.

The sim chosen will have one or two children.  The one chosen will automatically receive the Logic skill to help them in their career.  If they do the DNA profiler, both will benefit from being artistic.

The poll will run for about a week.  If I see a clear winner, I might end it early.