Bribes for You

I am here to bribe you.  It’s a huge deal.  I will give you a million cookies, name a sim after you or let you have exclusive rights to any sim I have never offered up for download.

All I need you to do is go here and like my fucking Tarts 5-10 times so I can earn a badge so I can post a goddamn link.  I tried to advertise my poll but I cannot.  I need TWO FREAKING POINTS to post.

That is the stupidest, lamest and most idiotic thing ever.  Thanks EA.  Now I know why I only go to the officials once every three months.

For the person/persons who do this, thanks in advance.

Edit:  Thanks and I love you forever!  I am now listed as a member.

Who’s Your Daddy Challenge

I updated the blog for the WYDC.  It was a huge mess and was getting hard to navigate.  We are closing in on 40,000 views and I have to say that I am glad that the challenge has so much interest after seven years and with versions for both Sims 2 and Sims 3.

In an effort to gather more information, there is now a poll up over here.  I am trying to see how many people would be interested (or not) in a version of the rules for Sims 4.  The poll will be left open for one month and then I will take the results and get together with Csquared to see what he thinks.

Comments are open and I am also taking links for people undertaking the challenge here.

Note:  I do not know if Csquared has gotten Sims 4 yet.  As a new father, I am sure his time has and still is very limited.