Welcome to the Junkyard


I would like to thank everyone who voted during the Golden Plumbob’s!

I won for:
Best Avatar
Most Jealousy Inducing Graphics (tied with Heather)
Most Talented Sims Creator
Prolific Story Completer
The Tart ISBI: Most Impressive Win
The Tart ISBI: Best Sims 3 Challenge (The Vinson’s and Splash’s each got 1 vote too)
Boolprop Olympics: House Plumbob MVP

Thanks, Everyone!!

Stories in Progress

Sims 2


Wants a Plenty – A Five Wants Challenge – Last Update: 2/05/2017

A prosperity type challenge where each sims must complete at least five wants a day.  Come join me and the residents of Pleasantville.


Shademoor BACC
Chapter ListLatest – Last Updated: 9/17/2017

Info:  Currently on Round 7, Winter.  The game is currently having serious issues.  I am on month 3 of trying to fix the issues.  It might be too late and I will have to just cancel it.  I am just going to use a Servo boom to complete this challenge.

Sims 3

TS3 2017-11-05 07-52-39-08 - Copy


Brand New:  Blog 

A variation of the Midnight Sun Challenge.

TS3 2017-11-01 21-26-30-17

Brand New: A Sliding Doors Challenge starring Ivory Mist.  This challenge was created by Julie over on Boolprop and it’s really fun.

Door 1: Start
Door 2: Start


A Little Pizzazz
Chapter ListLatest – Updated: 5/20/2017

Info:  A Pinstar legacy.  Generation 2 started on 2/13/2017.

TS3 2017-10-01 10-15-15-46.jpg

TS3 2017-10-01 11-39-32-46.jpg

A Small ISBI
Chapter ListLatest – Generation 4 has started and we have dual heirs.
Updated: 10/17/2017
Info: The next expansion poll is up and voting is open until the end of the generation.


Paint the Town
Latest – Last Updated: 3/26/2017

Info:  Currently on Daddy #4, Pregnancy 1.


Vinson EPIC 2.0 – The continuation of the EPIC Challenge
ChaptersLatest – 5/20/2017

Sims 4


The Drifter Challenge
Chapter ListLatest – Toddler Challenge – Last Update: 1/24/2017

Info:  Just finished House 005 and Serenity has moved on to House 006.  I took a quick break to do a Toddler Challenge that turned out to be super fun.


Mims 100 Baby Challenge
Chapter List – Latest – Last Update: 11/06/2016

Info:  Just a sim who was made by clicking on randomize three times.  On hold because the save was acting up.  I have activated ver.1, so it should make a re-appearance soon.


Whisper Rose’s WYDC
Page – LatestRules – Last Update: 2/01/2017

Info:  I have written up the rules for the Who’s Your Daddy? Challenge and I am now on to play testing.  Currently on Baby C.


Sims 2,3, and 4 Challenges – Random stuff I try.
3 Little Sims – Sims 4
Wonder Child – Sims 4 – coming soon, just waiting for the birth.

Sims 3
Queen BeeCompleted 7/13/2012
Boo’s Boo Boos A WYDC Completed 8/2/2012
Desiderio – a wishacy Completed 1/13/2013
Vinson Epic – A Boolprop EPIC Challenge, Completed (first one ever!) 11/14/2014
Tart ISBI – Completed 12/12/2016