Golden Plumbobs 2019


I have been nominated for Golden Plumbobs again!  Here is what is nominated.  You can vote for me or any of the other great options on this topic area at

Palmer Whisperer
Vinson Epic 2.0
Vatore Monster Mash

Golden Votes Terminator
Annabella, The Immortal Teen
The Vatore OWBC

Best Common Challenge
Tart’s: Bent Out of Shape

Best Uncommon Challenge
Ivory’s Sliding Doors

Best Legacy with a Twist
Lavender Wishes

Vacation Ends…Booo!

Just a vacation photo post.


The view we saw when we got out of the taxi at Union Station is of the WWI Memorial.

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Current Going Ons

Happy 2018 everyone!

Over at the old Willowdale blog, a Sims 4 Megahood has recently taken over.

Over there you will find:

With Bella and her violin.  This challenge was brought you by James Turner/The Sims Supply

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Merry Christmas!

TS3 2017-12-05 19-13-12-66.jpg

Happy New Year!  I will hopefully be back playing Sims in the New Year.  I am currently in Skyrim and I should hopefully get my 100% completion on that soon.

Hope everyone gets what they want from Santa and that your Resolutions go as planned.

Boolprop is having a Calendar Contest.  You can vote here.  Mine is a picture of Ivory for the month of January.  Vote for your favorites!  You can vote three times, one for each month available.

Boolprop 12th Birthday Challenge

Happy Birthday, Boolprop!

I’ve only been around on Boolprop for half that time and most of it as an evil creepy lurker.

Everything I am doing is going on a short hiatus so I can do the Baby Boomer challenge for Boolprop (and a shiny new medal).

The rules can be found here.

I will be doing this with no mods in Brindleton Bay.

TS4_x64 2017-11-10 00-44-19-99

TS4_x64 2017-11-10 00-45-43-57

Here are the first pets I have seen in my game.  Rosie is was first seen during the Sims Livestream.  The cats are both strays.

I’m so excited to check out this expansion, so I’m keeping this short and sweet.