April Showers

We are so waterlogged right now.  When it rains, puddles form immediately.  Luckily we have only had two or three tornado warnings, nothing major, but lots and lots of hail quarter to golf ball sized.

Anyway on to the updates.

Shademoor is going strong.  I screwed up three of my households, so I had to replace them.  I only lost about three updates.  I am about three houses from the end of round 4.

In other news, I was in need of something to do after ruining yet another Banana Tart save.  I went ahead and started The Dreamsicle BISBI.

TS3W 2015-04-20 14-09-39-08A backwards ISBI starts with an Elder and you must work your way back from there by keeping your elder alive until the chosen heir is a full adult and so on.

The first four chapters are up and so is the first heir poll.

March Mayhem

My Sims 3 started acting up, so if you were wondering why I have not been playing, wonder no more.  All of my trees and mountains are wavy…kind of like looking at heat rising from asphalt.

I did ignore it a few times and got a couple of things out for Tart AU:

I moved Marzipan, who is doing a family man challenge and I consolidated the 5 forum updates into one chapter on the blog.
Candy Cane: Chapter 2

Touch of Evil is still in the works.  I have built them a house, but then my game went weird.

I have bought the first DLC pack for Dragon Age Inquisition, that is really fun stuff!  And difficult!  I am also still addicted to Clash of Clans and play all freaking day long.

Let’s see…what else happened in March?  Well, I had gotten Battlefield 4 Game Time (168 free hours) through Origin.  I finally got it downloaded after about 6 months and couldn’t play it.  I deleted that puppy fast!  I then downloaded Sims Medieval, which played fine, but the Pirates & Nobles did not.  I got a refund after a 7 hour war with EA Unhelp.  I then took my $10 to Steam and got Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and all DLC for like $7.50.  I finally got that downloaded and played it for a few minutes yesterday.  Not sure if I like it yet, but it sucked that I have no clue what is going on and it is like game 4 in a series (or something).  I do like the killing animations though!  Good fun.  I might save the game and go back to the beginning and get them in order.

But mostly, March was filled with Sims 2!

Come join me at Shademoor, a huge project that took half the month to get set up and where I am now on Round 3 of a Build a City Challenge using Nepheris’ rules, which I do not like one day, like the next, and decide I hate two minutes later.

Recent Happenings


Peanut Brittle is going strong over at The Tart ISBI.

Feb. 12 – Chapter 2
Feb. 15 – Chapter 3
Feb. 20 – Chapter 4
Feb. 27 – Chapter 5

Let’s all cross our fingers that I can continue popping these out regularly.

Tart AU got underway, as mentioned in the middle of February.  Most of the first chapters went up before the announcement.

Since then, not much happened.
Feb. 11 – Mochaccino got started on his Chapter 1.  Too bad the hotel was completely glitched and no one could get anywhere.  I am calling this half-assed failed until I find a challenge that takes 7-8 sims.  Maybe an asylum?   Thoughts?

Feb. 28 – I could not get into a Legacy or Random Legacy at all.  Holly Berry starts with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 she makes the switch over to a Homemaker Challenge.

The Parker Alphabetacy’s next update is almost done.  They moved to Midnight Hollow, but the camera jumping there is making me seasick.

Oh oh oh!  Remember Touch of Evil?  I found a copy of Vera-Ellen and remade her spouse and three kids.  I hope to have an update soon.

I slacked off on Doomed, but I am hoping to play this week and do a few chapters.


I have also completed Dragon Age: Inquisition for the second time and I am a couple of hours into my third attempt with my first male Quizzy.  I named him Troy.

My husband and kid also have been trying to get me into Clash of Clans.   I did not get interested until I saw Liam Neeson’s Superbowl commercial on youtube.  I have been addicted for about a week now.

The commercial cracks me up and the game itself isn’t too bad.

Updates: Mid-January

Here are the updates from December 16 through January 16.  Oh and a belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, blah blah blah.

Sims 2

Sims2EP9 2015-01-10 19-52-18-72

Novak WYD:

Baby F
Baby G
Baby H

Sims 3


New:  Kilgore Super Speedy Rainbowcy:  Now on a blog near you.  All updates are still at Naughty Sims Asylum, but after each generation I will be posting on the blog.


Parker Alphabetacy: Chapter 13


New:  Doomed


Tart ISBI:  Issues  Here is an unedited pic in game of what the family after having to go through each one and saving them individually and then mashing the family back together.  The family is having such bad issues that I have uninstalled Sims 3.  I am probably going to have to delete the Sim who is corrupt, but I have to figure out who that is first.  The ancestors, Gen 1-5 are fine.  Jade, Sage and the wives are fine.  I think it is going to be one of the quads.

I have no clue when I will find time to reinstall Sims 3, but I am hoping for before February.  All Sims 3 blogs are on a mini-hiatus until I have the game back going.

Sims 4:
Ugh.  Still hate the game, but I did open it up now that I have to fix Sims 3.  I have not gone back to the Bassett Legacy yet (I can’t even remember the sims in that family, but it might come out of hiding soon).

TS4 2015-01-16 00-57-52-08

Stark Raving Mad has been linked forever, but now it actually has shit in there!

Wonder Kid Challenge by Pinstar – COMING SOON!  The kid is born, so I did get somewhere.  This is a quick one generation challenge that I might actually get off my lazy ass and finish.  I have no interest in starting yet another blog, so I have to figure out where I’m gonna shove this family.  Stay tuned.