July to October


Long time, no see.  Sorry I have not been keeping this site up to date, like at all, in months.  My computer  had a meltdown and I luckily came in to some money less than a month later and got it rebuilt.  Then there was almost a month where I could not get Sims 3 or 4 to run on the new set up, but Sims 2 ran perfectly.

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Spirit Animal Award

I was nominated for a Spirit Animal Award (also called the Animal Award) by Umbramuse for the Dreamsicle BISBI

Due to my son’s recent medical emergency, in which he almost died from anaphylaxis after a severe allergic reaction to inhaled poison ivy smoke, I am directing everyone over to the Dreamsicle’s for a combined thank you.

There is a joking picture of my kid midway through his allergic reaction.  The next day he ended up in the hospital after his face tripled in size.  There is no treatment for except for a shot in the ass of steroids, but he is perfectly fine now and his face is completely healed.  We are calling him Leatherface, which does not amuse him nearly as much as it amuses us.

Please head here to see the post.