Spirit Animal Award

I was nominated for a Spirit Animal Award (also called the Animal Award) by Umbramuse for the Dreamsicle BISBI

Due to my son’s recent medical emergency, in which he almost died from anaphylaxis after a severe allergic reaction to inhaled poison ivy smoke, I am directing everyone over to the Dreamsicle’s for a combined thank you.

There is a joking picture of my kid midway through his allergic reaction.  The next day he ended up in the hospital after his face tripled in size.  There is no treatment for except for a shot in the ass of steroids, but he is perfectly fine now and his face is completely healed.  We are calling him Leatherface, which does not amuse him nearly as much as it amuses us.

Please head here to see the post.

Happy Thanksgiving

… week to all my American readers!  Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday.

I will be cooking with just the three of us because J has to work 12 hours before and after Turkey day.  Then he won’t have another day off until Christmas.  Joy.

Not much going on for me.  I finally dragged myself away from DA:Inquisition and back into Sims 3 (and Sims 2 for a contest during October).

Of note:  Thanks to all the readers over the years!

TS3W 2015-11-23 12-07-07-52

The Tart’s hit 30,000 views and I missed it until today.   Speaking of, I did get Chapter 5 done on November 16.  Of course they really annoyed me and I haven’t been back.


I have been playing my Vinson 2.0 though!

I have:
Generation 2
Chapter 5 – November 17.
Chapter 6 – November 17
Chapter 7 – November 19

Generation 3
Chapter 8 – November 19
Chapter 9 – November 21
Chapter 10 – November 22
Chapter 11 – November 23

September to Now

Omg, I am so sorry guys.  This will be a blanket post put on all my blogs because I’m super lazy and anti-Sims right now.

But Jenn, what have you been up to lately?  Well, it certainly has nothing to do with me getting a life, don’t worry!

DragonAgeInquisition 2015-10-31 11-05-28-60

See that 586 hours?  Well, in September it was only like 375 or some shit.

I did do the Asylum’s 2nd anniversary contest, but I ended it a bit early so I could get back to said DA:I faster.  It was in Sims 2 and it sucked, but go vote for me anyway.  Oh wait, there is only one day left in voting, so nevermind.

Oh and hubby took up a new hobby.  Moonshine and Rum.  I may or may not be on my way to full on drunkenness at this exact moment.  The current batch I am sampling (Rum) is 140 proof and you can’t even taste the alcohol.  So, that has been fun to sample and watch him try new things (blackberry, coconut, peppermint, peach, and cinnamon that he gives away to whoever wants it).

Anyway, I haven’t played, so you aren’t missing a single thing.  This also means that I have fallen behind in my reading too.  I will catch up soon, I promise.  I just have no clue how long my inactivity will go on.