Kittens for Adoption

Mr. Drone Cat
Mr. Drone Cat.   Name and traits are changeable.  I believe he is one day from turning adult.  Mom is black with yellow stars.  Dad is yellow with black stripes.  Mr. Drone has yellow tipped ears and black stripes through his stars.

Here he is with Mom.


I love this one, but I had no room for her.  Same parents, different litter.  Miss Bee Cat.

Mr. Cat Drone is from the same litter as Miss Bee.  I LOVE his face!



Pssst….pssstt   down here….adopt me.  You know you wanna.

This was the third litter.  They are exact copies of their dad, but not for adoption unless asked for.   This was just to show an up close of the mom’s face.

Mr. Cat Drone
Miss Bee Cat
Mr. Drone Cat


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