After the Patch

Well, the patch install failed…just like 1.29 in December.  Luckily I used FordGT something or other’s download manager thingy.  It had saved the patch to the desktop.  Yay!  I was so not looking forward to having to download for another few hours.    I restarted my computer and retried to install the patch.  It went that time.

I then opened up a Vanilla no mod/no cc game.  Blech..but oh well.   Note to self –  When opening a brand new game with nothing installed, don’t try to use the Sim Bin.  Froze while trying to find my Simself.   Froze bad.  I had to actually push the computer reset button.

Finally got the game back loaded and then we enter the Langerak household and immediately have Iliana send both brats to boarding school.  I then let the game run, which it did very nicely.  I was already signed in for the achievements stuff, so I then logged in to Facebook thru it too.   I read all the new lessons.   I then side scrolled around town with the game running on fast (not superfast) and there was a lot of jerky movements.  I moved down to the regular speed setting and the jerky movements were a tiny bit less, but still annoying.   Paused, the game ran perfectly…of course.   Parker schmoozed the family while I watched the town.  Then I saved the game and exited.

I just put all my updated Twallan mods back into the game.   I put my cc into my Sims 3 file and loaded the launcher.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that all my cc that never had pics before all do now.  I can actually see what is what, which will make finding and deleting unwanted stuff soooo much easier.  Now that I have it all installed and my mods folder filled to bursting it is now time to head back into Langerak household and see if they all die.


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