Challenge/Legacy Update


Hubby broke our Neon..well the Crank or Cam shaft sensor died.  So we had to replace that.  Very cheap. I think the new one was under $50.  Our hotrod Mustang lost the WHOLE exhaust system the SAME day, cue me not getting Showtime, because the Neon is not drivable (this was last’s fixed now) and the Mustang literally HAS to race, or so my asshat husband claims, anything near it therefore, my Showtime money went for a car I don’t drive.   Neon got fixed.  Electric bill hit $300 for the third month in a row.  Cue me losing my next check from child support.  Still no Showtime.   Cancelled my TSR subscription since it was due this next week.  They charged me THEN cancelled then refused to refund the money.  Fuckers.  Pissed me the F off.  So, I have saved $30 for Showtime.  My asshat husband broke the Mustang…AGAIN!   Some fork thingy in the transmission this time.  He can shift 1st 2nd 5th and reverse.  3rd and 4th are gone.  Cheap fix again, like maybe $50 bucks.  I told him to kiss my ass..I want Showtime.     So here I am, almost 40.  Just starting to get child support for my almost 20 year old son, one I raised with no help for 15 of those 20 years.  I put my foot down.  I told him to back away from my spending money.  Last thing I bought with my support was Master (I hate Jenn) Suite in January.  I  have donated the rest to bills and car parts.  I feel that I have earned $50 of my stupidly piddly amount of support that I get a month.  

END STUPID JENN WHINE...because if I can’t whine here, where can I? Well, at least here no one in the family can read it because they are anti-Sims

On to my next bunch of crap whining

I decided to make over Sunset Valley 2.  All my challenges/legacies have moved to their own version of the town.  Same buildings (lovingly “borrowed” from Richdre’s Mesa Valley).  Spike and Iris are in the process of moving their brood right this very minute.  I have the active family only.  I am sad to say goodbye to the siblings and and previous generations, but it had to be done.   As with all my families, they produce kids at an alarming rate.  Then they grow up and produce an alarming amount of children.  So we left them behind.  The only other family big enough to do this too was the Desiderio’s…but they are a whole other mess.

The Vinson’s, Tart’s, Queen Bee, Wuzhere and Desiderio families are all in the same town with the same houses (because I am not downloading shit anymore and I suck at building) they just are not together.  

If you saw me rant or the mention of it, I deleted my downloads folder.  I lost man hair.  Roarke, Fudge, Mango, Spike, babies, toddlers, children are all bald.  I almost cried.  Roarke is sporting Asterix hair..I can’t even tell them apart now.  Patterns and household items are all missing.  All horses (Vinson) are accounted for!!   Dogs (Wahl) are accounted for too.

Tart’s…I am a sucker for them.  None were left behind.  I love that family the most.  I left ex -spouses.  Pop Tart and family are together.  Pineapple and all his kids, Cherry and her kid, Lemon and Mango are all there.  It was such a low number that I think I can handle them all together.  I think they were under 25 people.  Desiderio and Wahl Families were 80 and 50 family members respectively.  

I am hoping to start playing them soon.  I have downloaded, installed and separated families with the Any Game Starter.  My cheat to make happy families include the Wahl (perf genes), Queen Bee (to make babies happy) and 100 babies (make babies and kids happy) are all in one area.  

My EPIC, ISBI and Wishacy are on another file with 0 mods except for game saving Overwatch, MasterController and Error trap…I consider them my  non-cheating families.


2 thoughts on “Challenge/Legacy Update

  1. Phew! Moving your saves and families around sounds like it would take two days, at least for me.

    And I agree, you deserve Showtime! Even though so far it’s been a bust for me. But hey, if you want to try the venues thing I’m game for having your sims come over. Maybe then Showtime will show something worthwhile? Because all it’s done for me so far is lag me even worse than before and cause never ending fires. Meh.

  2. Ick. On top of that.I have two words — Genie. Babies. must have. I keep reading about them. They sound so cool.

    I hear of people doing the simport thing and then coming back all glitched. I think in that sense, I would wait to see if they fix that (lol yeah right). I’m more interested in genie babies and the new careers and stuff. We’ll have to make a tester game for each of us to try out the simport thing. Something easily thrown away if it goes to crap.

    I have to say, this has been a pretty good transition for them all and all done in one day. They are still at the Town Reset I gave them for patch 1.31 and update mods. None have been played in weeks. It was just a go in, save to bin and leave for the new town. Since I am only doing active families, I didn’t even have to use Twallan’s Porter mod. I did have to build active family houses, which I hate. Still working on the perfect genes house and they are actually going to wait for tomorrow. Tart’s brought their house. So Vinson’s and Wahl’s got new houses. QB and Wuzhere have been at this town for a couple of days. Desiderio’s got moved into a drone home I have placed around town for SP families. I should be able to start playing the neglected families this week..yay.

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