A Updates and Other News

Well, my copy of Showtime should be here this week.  Yay.   All families have made it to their own version of Sunset Valley 2.  All of the families made the move without a problem and are running quite smoothly.  I figure that means Showtime will break them.

When Showtime gets here, I will be doing a complete reinstall off all EPs and SPs, which I hate doing.   Fast Lane is a downloaded game and on my internet takes 8 hrs to download.   If anyone knows how to save the executable downloaded thingy to my computer, please let me know.

I also made an Unstory and Challenge Facebook page.   You can find it at the link below.

Jenn’s Sims 3 Challenges

I am hoping this makes it easier for people to catch up on the posts without having to navigate from blog to blog.

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