Week of April 7 – 15

After taking almost two weeks off from simming, this week was update central.

From Saturday, April 7th through Monday, April 9th – there were THREE updates for the Desiderio Wishacy.  Pan and Sapph have just smooshed there way over everyone into being my most favorite couple ever.  They still aren’t wishing for marriage or babies, but we got the household down to just 4 people!  It’s a miracle!

Tuesday, April 10th was fail day on Jade’s Genes.  The current tally for Generation 3 is 12 kids, 0 perfect genetics.  They did go on a huge shopping spree.  All of the kids are in boarding school.  And Max the dog aged up to elder.

Wednesday, April 11th was Drone 6 day on Queen Bee.  I blatantly broke rules left and right, just not in regards to Beelinda or her drone.  Think meteor ghost and genies.  Good fun.  I had gotten bored.

Thursday, April 12 was Tart Day.  So much drama and a new baby.  Kiwi and the gyroscope still makes me laugh.  There were birthdays and enemy making.  Self peeing and pass outs galore.  Most of them done by Orange.  We even had a few move out.

Saturday, April 14th finally brought us a Vinson EPIC update.  Roarke had me ready to just trash the whole family.  Then I accidentally created the perfect girl for him.  It was an update long fight to get him interested, but I did prevail whether he liked it or not.  There were some birthdays.  I am lagging in the horse department, but I hope to have their update done by Tuesday.  Then the surprise on the next hoomin update.

and last but not least….

Today, April 15, 2012.  My daughter Caitlin’s 15th birthday.  Love you, daughter!   I got in a WYDC mood.

Technically, I updated Boo’s Boo Boos first on the 14th and twice on the 15th.  I really enjoy her.  She loves her kids and loves her job.  She really, really loves the after performance meet n greet with all the men!  That’s where she chooses her next daddy.  She should be bringing home #4 from the hospital in the next update.  I have chosen names that are colors.  So far, we have Azure, Buttercup and Clover.  Next one will either be Disco for a male or Dandelion for a girl.

The only one not update was my 100 babies.  Hopefully, I can sneak it in this week.   Hubby is on days this week, so my schedule is going to be totally abnormal for me.    Last week he worked his normal 3:30 to midnight.  This past week he worked 5:30pm to 4am. and for the next two weeks he works 6:30 am to 3:3opm.   So, who knows what I’ll be doing with both him and Stink out of the house the whole day.

5 thoughts on “Week of April 7 – 15

  1. That’ll be hard to do days when he normally does graveyard. I’ve had to do that. NOT a morning person.
    I’ve enjoyed all the updates. 😀 Looking forward to more!

    • No, I have not nor will I ever use anything that works only with Awesomemod or Inteen. I use Twallan’s Woohooer and have same-sex couples set to true. I have another setting (I am loading the game soon, so I will have to check) so that a certain percentage of my town autonomously ages up gay, straight and bi. That way I don’t have to fiddle with gender preference. I just have someone in the house ask everyone their preference in the Friendly interactions and then write it down so I know what gender to bring over or have them stalk.

      Awesomemod was too confusing for my to figure out. Add that with not being able to ask questions on that site without getting lambasted and ridiculed was what prompted me to look elsewhere. Add that with being able to post the stupidest question over at NRAAS (http://nraas.wikispaces.com/ Twallan’s wiki) and get a helpful answer without being told how stupid your are have made it my favorite place to go.

      • I prefered Twallans when I found it for different reasons, but I can definitely understand that. Not a friendly bunch. Also awesomemod stopped working and I never saw a fix, then got Twallans and liked what it had better as a majority. Then IT stopped working and the bad CC happened so I was too scared to do it again.
        I would like the woohooer at least I think. Same sex pregnancy, gender preference and matchmaker are all so lovely.

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