Week of April 29 – May 4

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one due to only playing the WYDC.  Boo appreciated all the attention though.

Update on the downloads page.  I recently switched to Ephemera’s newest skin – WEAK.

April 29 – Tart Family – The ending of Fudge and Generation 2.
May 3rd – Tart Family – Peach takes over as Generation 3 heir.
May – Tart family is on Tumblr.  Links are by request only due to nudity, sexual situations and bad language.

May 3rd – Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 18
May 4th – Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 19 first baby of Generation 4 is born.
Pan and Sapph would like to thank everyone!  We have passed the 1,200 reader mark.

April was Boo’s month.  They have reached baby “K” and hit Chapter 14 just a little while ago.   They have 11 of 26 pregnancies, with a set of triplets born for the H names.

They are just about to hit 1,100 hits too.

Month of May – My kid is out for summer on May 18.  I have no clue how that will affect game times.  I am hoping to get the other families updated to at some point.

How about a spoiler or two for an ignored family that raises Unicorns?



3 thoughts on “Week of April 29 – May 4

      • Thanks! I had a friend lose a sim from the family tree when he moved out and I knew you had lost some before. I posted that to her. Hopefully it works.

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