Week of April 29 – May 4

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one due to only playing the WYDC.  Boo appreciated all the attention though.

Update on the downloads page.  I recently switched to Ephemera’s newest skin – WEAK.

April 29 – Tart Family – The ending of Fudge and Generation 2.
May 3rd – Tart Family – Peach takes over as Generation 3 heir.
May – Tart family is on Tumblr.  Links are by request only due to nudity, sexual situations and bad language.

May 3rd – Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 18
May 4th – Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 19 first baby of Generation 4 is born.
Pan and Sapph would like to thank everyone!  We have passed the 1,200 reader mark.

April was Boo’s month.  They have reached baby “K” and hit Chapter 14 just a little while ago.   They have 11 of 26 pregnancies, with a set of triplets born for the H names.

They are just about to hit 1,100 hits too.

Month of May – My kid is out for summer on May 18.  I have no clue how that will affect game times.  I am hoping to get the other families updated to at some point.

How about a spoiler or two for an ignored family that raises Unicorns?



3 thoughts on “Week of April 29 – May 4

    1. http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Overwatch

      Install it in your mods folder. Click on the City Hall, Nraas, overwatch, immediate. Only click the ones that say True next to it (I have no clue what the other stuff does). That will find wandering sims, lost toddlers, missing pets, deletes all the abandoned cars and turns off all stereos and tvs.

      1. Thanks! I had a friend lose a sim from the family tree when he moved out and I knew you had lost some before. I posted that to her. Hopefully it works.

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