Week of May 5 – 11

This update will cover May 5th to May 11, 2012.

Did site maintenance everywhere.  I now have all the chapters categorized by Generation on the dropdown menus.  So, if you subscribe to my pages, that means you probably got a major influx of Blog reposts or something like that.  Sorry, about that but the disorganization was killing me.

May 6 had two updates and May 9th got one update for the Desiderio Wishacy.  An heir vote was posted and an heiress was chosen too.

May 7 – Had a Vinson Horse-icorn Re-acquaintance update, a Horsicorn update, May 9th was a hoomin update and lastly May 11 – Just a short update with random around the house pics and we sent off the non-chosen to boarding school.

May 9Iris’ Genes – FINALLY got an heir!  Yippeee!  Robbie and Sabrina moved out.  Final tally was 14 kids.

May 11 – Was Tart day, but it was horrible and I am still  unhappy about it. I finally had to quit playing or I was going to grab all my Sims 3 discs and throw them away.   An update was posted Chapter 3.1, but then I realized that I had not put in my default eyes so I saved the game and quit.  I put the default eyes back in and went to reload the game, but it had not actually done a save, so I lost everything that happened in the update.  I was very upset.  6 hours of gameplay/outfit planning/nursery decoration trashed.    On further review, it seems that I saved right after the proposal, so I might only have lost the toddler stages of the newest additions.  I think I might not have lost nearly as much as I thought.

I also resurrected my Speed Legacy.  I might do updates on Boo’s page, but I have mostly been posting pics on my Tumblr.  I have random pics from all legacy/challenges here.  Just enter the legacy/challenge name and the posts will appear.

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