Week of May 12 – 31

The last two weeks have been going in fits and bursts.  I can’t switch between families because I start up a family and I don’t want to leave it.  So, I do a few updates, or at least two before getting my fill and moving on to the next one.  I get further this way, but it does take me a while to get them all updated.

First off – I have started a new Challenge, BUT it won’t be time constrained.  I will be updating it when I need a break.  It’s for pure fun only and it will never end.  I have planned out my version of it, sort of.  It has started, but I’m still planning on what to do now that I found out that it takes three days to become a free for all orgy.

Jenn’s Asylum – 5 Men and 5 women – 8 beds, 8 chairs and 8 fun items.  I shower/tub combo, 1 bathroom sink, 1 urinal and 1 toilet.  Let the madness ensue.

Disclaimer – They are all insane.  They are all absent-minded.  Please note that there will be Plumbob sightings galore, bad language and tits and ass!   You were warned.


Only the first one was made directly for this challenge.  Her name is Str8 Jacket.  She is the only Sim that I can control.

2nd – Evil Twin – My vanilla simself, circa 1991.
3rd –  Phoenyx Phloozy – Mother of babies 17-22 of my 100 Baby Challenge in a dual  female pregnancy.
4th –  Michelle Wahl – First child born of Iris and Spike.  She was a perfect genetic reject.
5th – Mineral Ice Vinson – Current spouse to Roarke the EPIC Generation 5 Heir and Mother to the Generation 6 heiress.


1st – Spicy Smoothie – Doodleburger orphan taken in by Mace and Chili in Generation 3.
2nd – Puck Dementia belongs to Jessu.
3rd – Sinbad Rotter – My remake.  Slated to be Drone 1 in my Queen Bee.  Murdered within 5 minutes by a meteor.  He is currently a lot ghost with a 50 year love affair with Beelinda.
4th – Pineapple Tart – Because no Asylum could survive without a Tart!
5th –  Kai Sim belongs to Chobits.

They are linked on their Official  Introduction post.
May 30 – 1. The first 24-hours
May 30 – 2. Scorched

Not updated in the past two weeks – Queen Bee, 100 Baby Challenge and Jade’s Genes

Let’s start off with Boo
May 15 – Loblolly was updated!
May 17 – Moon Raker was updated!  Halfway point!!
May 17 – Nutmeg made an appearance!
May 19 – Orchid was born!

On the same blog as Boo – Doodleburger‘s LIVE!!  I found the doubly lost save file and resurrected the family!  I haven’t updated their Chapter page as of yet, but they are listed in the drop down!

May 12 – Chapter 6 – Reloaded and Restarted!
May 20 – Chapter 7 – Finding a Home
May 20 – Chapter 8 – Getting Settled
May 20 – Chapter 9 – End of Generation 2
May 20 – Chapter 10 – Mace and Chili
May 21 – Chapter 11 – Gage and Dani
May 21 – Chapter 12 – Risky Much?
May 22 – Chapter 13 – Moving

Desiderio Wishacy – Jihl has baby after baby but no wishes for Mudslide or marriage.
May 19 – Chapter 23 – Last post of Generation 3
May 24th and 25th brought the first three chapters of Jihl’s Generation.

Tart ISBI – Fudge goes senile, the triplets hit school, then teen.

May 23- Chapter 3.2
May 25 – Chapter 3.3
May 26 – Chapter 3.4
May 28 – Chapter 3.5

Vinson Family EPIC –

May 12 – Chapter 4
May 13 – Chapter 4.5 and Chapter 5
May 28 – Chapter 6


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