Computer Troubles Pt.2

Well it’s official. I cooked my power supply. I need minimum 1k watts to run my monster and no spares in the house over 300 watts. Trying to get on fb was more than it could take. I’ll be around by phone for now.

J is trying to get it to run in minimum settings, but going in Facebook to my group was more than it could handle.

I will be around by phone/iPad. I’m also going to be utterly bored. Leave a comment with links to your stories. I can read them to keep me occupied for the next week or so

2 thoughts on “Computer Troubles Pt.2

    • It’s done for. I need anew power supply. I’m on my phone and iPad for a week until my child support comes in. I’m like $20 short on a new one. I should be up in about 10 days or less. I’m hoping to con J into giving me money for the rest if it.

      It’ll give me time to finish replaying final fantasy 9 lol. Oh and I still haven’t beat 13-2 either.

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