Testing the Power Supply

I’m on the computer for now.  It turned out that the inner fan of the power supply had seized up.  The power supply was spending so much time working to move the fan that it started to overheat.

Jason luckily found a replacement.  So he disassembled the power supply and replaced the dead one.  Unfortunately, he won’t put my graphics card back in for at least an hour to make sure the computer itself can stay running.  So far so good, knock on wood.  It’s been running for a total of 5 minutes already.  Power supply is still cool to the touch and the computer (obviously) is still running.


4 thoughts on “Testing the Power Supply

    • Still no good. It appears that all attempts at saving it has failed. I backed up all my stuff and reinstalled windows yesterday and that didn’t work either. I’m ordering a new power supply off ebay today. I will hopefully have it by the weekend.

    • As of now it hasn’t been shipped. Delivery estimates are between the 6th and 12th. It might be in vain though. I was trying to zero fill my hard drive, when I smelled something burning. I have a fear that I cooked the processor or graphics card now. We will see son enough I guess. Until then, I will just continue to die of boredom and catch up on my reading.

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