Back Up

Well, I’m back up.  All my Windows updates are done except for a few optional ones.

I got the Sims reinstalled and I had saved a bunch of the patches.  So, I installed 1.33…I did not know that a new one was put out.  It’s another huge ass almost 1gb one.  It’s about 70% done now.  I didn’t even get a chance to investigate the possible problems or mod updates beforehand.  This annoys me.

I have my Any Game Starter installed, Google Chrome and I have emptied off my jump drive of saves, mods and various other programs.

So, I thought I would link to everything I read this week!

I played a lot of Sims Free play on my iPad.   I read A LOT of stories too.

I am finally caught up on The Skipton ISBI and got to Generation 6 of Chim-Chim-Cheree.  Is it wrong if I can honestly say that I love Cocaine?  hehe.

I read everything from Rad too.  Dayes, Rainbow Knights, Kingsfield and Kyoti’s.  I read some of Taken, which is really good!  I tried to read some of the Lazarus’ but the pics never would materialize.  I will have to do that soon.

I read a Family Man Challenge called Wilde Oates.  I am totally going to have to do that one!

I read and got caught up on The Seabrooke Legacy – My 2nd ever instance of actually bawling my eyes out for a Sims story.

I finally got back into RSGNM, I had previously left off at Duncan – Generation 5.  I am now up to Seeley – Generation 10.  This would be the 3rd instance of bawling my eyes out.

I got almost done with Apple’s Generation in Sweetest of Dreams.

I am impatiently waiting for the newest update to The Simpleton’s Asylum (hint hint Julie!) and Lyrics’ next update in Ugly Wishes.

I have 2 updates to read from Madcapp and Elvira since my iPad refused to load the pics for them also.

Yep, I had tons of free time this week without my computer.  I recommend that you all read the aforementioned stories/legacies/Challenges.  They were all done by some amazing people.


4 thoughts on “Back Up

  1. So glad it’s all up and running again. Can’t wait to read more updates from you now. 🙂
    If my internet will ever work. The tech guys aren’t helpful.

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