Week of June 11 – 17

Not much been going on.  I did a lot of testing to find a lag that was killing me.  I found two mods that did the same thing conflicting with each other.  I deleted one of them, but it still hasn’t solved my problems.

I worked on a couple of things this week.  I have an undocumented family man that I’m doing testing on, but when Spicy hit 60+ kids, the lag of the game finally drove me nuts.  I plan to continue on with it when I finally solve half of that files lag.

Today, I am finally redownloading all my store content.  Unfortunately, this includes Riverview – like 90mb, Hidden Valley – almost 130 mb and Barnacle Bay – probably the same as the others at 100 mb.  Not happy about this since I live in the country and the fastest offered internet is 512 kb/s.  Not only that, but when all is done it will be put on disc so I never have to do it again.  I will then be deleting all 3rd party cc save for my hair and patterns.

I got three more chapter of my asylum done.
3. Super Mega Update   – It killed my computer just to upload all the pics…be warned I  swear there’s like 800 of them.
4. Back in the Saddle
5. Baby Invasion

I moved out a few and I moved in replacements.  I think I have enough for an update, but I haven’t really checked it out yet.  Too damn hot to sit here.  LOL

Boo’s WYD had a little Pistachio.

I got some of Jade’s Genes played, but not enough to actually get off my ass and do an update.  Maybe next week.

I did manage to get out Chapter 27 of the Desiderio’s and I am mid-Chapter 28 with writing.  Maybe next week sometime it will be out.  I also had a glitch when trying to move new families in.  I was condensing houses since they are on a small world and everyone I clicked on to remove them from their house disappeared.  I quit without saving.  Luckily, I always save prior to hitting edit town, so I didn’t lose anything.

I did get Supernatural Season 4 Discs 1-3 yesterday, so I will not be playing until tonight when it cools off a bit and I’m also forecasted for storms all day.  Hidden Springs just hit the 50% mark it looks like and don’t even remind me how long it’s going to take to download all my collections.


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