Week of June 18 – 24

Since the basegame uninstalled itself, I guess I will do a quick review.  My game has been running horribly so not much to update anyway.  I even spent three days playing killing people in Sims 2.  I really don’t get that game, but not once did it crash.  At one point, the save and neighborhood icons were greyed out, but exiting and re-entering the game fixed that.

Kaylynn had that Pleasant dudes baby and then I killed her off.  I made a chick and she nabbed herself some guy named Long..Ben or something.  I had him abducted and he later gave birth to a little girl named R2D2.  Good Fun.  I then went over to Veronaville and messed around for a day… that came to a halt after all the teens ran away from home.  I was amused.  Anyway…..

Boo is a file that is running really nicely right now.

Rosewood was born on June 18 and the S child is incubating.

The Wishacy file has had nothing but trouble since the re-installation of the game.  I barely managed to get out Chapter 28 on June 20.

I found interest in Beelinda after a fairly long absence.  Drone 7 part 1 brought the first child on June 21.

The asylum saves deleted themselves at one point this past week.  I had to hit up the backups.

6: Replay came out on June 22.
7: As the SimWorld Turns came out June 24.

Base Game just reinstalled and now everything is showing up again.  Not sure why it deleted itself in the first place.  I’m just glad that my Wishacy file was moved back into their Any Game Starter folder yesterday.  They made a move to yet another town and yet again the game didn’t run right.

So, I have to say that I could care less that my game deleted itself.  I was able to install the base game again and I had patch 1.33 already.  It is only 100 mb to get 1.34 again and all my saves were tucked away in my Any Game Starter.  Otherwise, I might have been pissed.

I went through and updated my downloads page.  Expanded on some descriptions, added some missing ones.  I added Any Game Starter to it to.


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