Week of June 25 – 30

Been a super hot week.  Been getting my housecleaning done right after Stink was off to summer school at 6:30 am and then playing Sims in the spare time after that.  I would then shut my computer down for the day between 3-5pm and hide in my room with Doodle and Stink to watch movies until dinner and then back for more movies until bedtime as my room as the only AC unit in the house.  So far, the hottest the house has gotten was 98 on both the 29th and today.

I did manage to get a couple of updates done.

Spicy (Family Man) now has 23 teens as of June 26!

Queen Bee – Beelinda finished up with part 2 of Drone 7 on the 25th.  She also got Drone 8 done too on the 27th.

Desiderio’s – Spent another day trying to fix the Wishacy file with no luck.

Oh, and I finally got in to play the Wahl Family (perfect genetics)!  Yay for a filler chapter!  We left off almost two months ago when the heir was finally born.  On the 29th, Chapter 2.7 was published.

Spicy and his 75 kids plus the rest of the Sunset Valley population do have lag, which is expected with a population hovering around 175-200.  Beelinda and even the Wahl family has none.  I might stick the Desiderio’s in one of these files and see if they can work.  I’m starting to wonder if it is their whole sims 3 file that is borked.  I will keep fiddling with it.

I have just this very second decided that Boo and Co. will be moving over to Lucky Palms so that I can check that out too.

Boo is happy to announce that June 29th brings you Chapter 2.1 and the birth of Supernova.

The downloads page has a new section!  Download a Sim!  These are the links to my sims with links to download, but I added their photo.  Nothing more fun than trying to get the stupid studio pics to load up..Right?

Most family trees were updated too.

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