Testing New Skins and Eyes



Well, non default skin from Lemon Leaf.  Looks good in CAS, but not good in shadows in the midriff area.  The blush looked horrid and I had to exchange it for a light freckle across the nose.  The eyes are impressive in CAS also, but not so sure in the world.  They are Tifa N29 default.  Makeup is a mix of S-Club, Tifa and Praline Sims.  Clothes are store and Anubis mostly.  Hair is any number of wonderous makers.  Anubis, Lotus, Littlecat, Newsea or Peggy.  The model was found at S-Club, she was listed as PeachGirl.  I gave her some colorization, but that’s it.


She does have a better midriff in direct sunlight though.


It doesn’t seem too bad in screenshots though.


I checked out the default skin by HP, and I’m not to fond of the shading.  She just does not look good without Lemon Leaf on her.  Random people I saw didn’t look good with the defaults either.

Switching over to Aikea skins and Minnie eyes for our next inspection.  I will also be throwing in my own sim for the skin since Lemon here seems to require the non default Lemon Leaf one, which has grown on me considerably.


Found her freckles were also in the costume makeup area.  I tried out some blushes, but I’m no good at that type of thing.  The default eyes are nice, but I am still partial to my Sens ones..been using them since the beginning of my Sims 3 playing.


The SimGods know how much I adore Cocoa.  The eyes look good on him.  Aikea skin is so-so.  Again, spoiled by Sens eyes and the Ephemera skins that I adore.   Not sure why I am testing these outside.  I hardly ever let my sims traverse the world.

Well, you know what that calls for.


She looks okay inside.  I like her better when she is outside.  She looks sorta sickly pale here…Ohhhh…hmm.


I’m not one for non-defaults, but these eyes looked like fun and she looks pretty good with them.


On the other hand, Cocoa looks really good as long as he doesn’t have to leave the house.

Next combo is Rose skin with Tifa N42 default eyes.


I don’t like the skin and the eyes look the same if you ask me.


Okay..there is a big difference and I do like these eyes.


*Note to self* When changing eyes, remember to hit up CAS to clear the previous version.

Still don’t care for the skins though.


They don’t look that bad after the lullaby though.  I do like these eyes and I will probably add the non default to the game.


I would kill to be able to make a sim as pretty as her.


I figured if they are going to be in an empty world testing things out while being pregnant, they should at least get engaged.


Too bad these skins make him look like he’s on the verge of elderhood.


Two sims, a wild horse and an ice cream truck.  No wonder this test file runs like a dream.


Delbert the Paparazzi showed up.  He looks good with the eyes, skin not so much.  Needs a total makeover too.

I love the two second saving too.  The third test file is a whopping 3mb.

Next test is LFB Face and body Naughty and Tifa N31 defaults.


These eyes are nice too.  I think I like the previous ones better though.   Not caring for these skins though.


Poor Paparazzi guy.  He started yelling about being molested by a crazy white chick.


Lemon:  Ooof  you big oaf!



These two were mushed together for testing purposes only. They are now married and pregnant. Scan room has each other scoring over 200. O_O


I gave Cocoa a full day with the LFB skins.  I’m not sure why, but I can’t find a reason to like them.


On a happier note, all the animals look good!

Anyway, now that I have a decent assortment to compare everything with, it’s time to put my originals in too.


This reminds me that Ephemera rules.  After trying out a handful of skins, I’m happy to say that I see no reason to change.  I did change back to my default eyes, but they closely resemble Tifa’s. I might put a ton of Tifa non-defaults in for a variety though.  I was really impressed by them.

This concludes tonight’s test of skins and eyes.  Babies first though!


Paperboy:  BOOOO!  Boo to the pregnant lady in her underwear outside paying bills!

Paperboy is adorable and I want to keep him.  He has purple eyes.


Paperboy:  I better escape before I have to witness him nailing her on the front porch.


Lemon:  Oh honey!  That newspaper looked heavy!  You deserve a massage for risking injury and throwing it in the trash.


Papparazzi Lady:  Giddyup, horsey!


Deer:  Get off me dumbass!


I saved them to my bin.  Maybe one day we will see them grow up.  The boy is artistic and named Lime.  The girl is athletic and name Sprite.

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