Week in Review: July 1-7

It was a crap simming week overall.  I had gone through my cc again and knocked more off.  There were no conflicts, so it was all zipped up in nice little packages.  Too bad I had unknowingly zipped up two sets of default eyes and left one out for my sims.  I had to take them out and re-zip one of the hair and makeup packs.  Ever since then, my sims have weird eyes and it’s really annoying.

Boo’s Boo Boos – July 2 – We got Tiana and Tumbleweed in Chapter 22.  I was also able to test out the well in Lucky Palms, which was pretty interesting.

Desiderio Wishacy – July 3 – Finally got Chapter 29 together for them.  I got the heir from toddlerhood through childhood.  I am hoping to get him to teen and YA really soon.

Doodleburger Speed Legacy – July 7 – Finally got some updates done for them. Chapter 14 and Chapter 15.

Coming Soon – The Asylum has new inmates!  I’m not sure how I am going to do it because there are too many sims in that house.

July 3 – Did some work on the downloads page.  I also have a new central Download a Sim getting ready to have their own page too.  It has photos with the link to download.

July 3rd – Sometime that day, I started testing skins and eyes to see if my guys needed a change.  Tester Family.  The female is a model of Lemon Leaf.  This week they visited Bridgeport (Lemon for the first three pics) then she was dropped in my builder world for fast loading.  She had the only house on a small empty world.  When I realized that she had to keep her non-default skin for her beauty, I dropped Cocoa Slush in there.  They ended up pregnant and married Open-mouthed smile.  They then moved to Setra a world by Pyronium for a day.  Then they stole the babysitter and went to Lucky Palms.  I am thinking of doing something with the kids, but was hoping to get Queen Bee finished first.  Just let me know if you want to see some random updates and also, pick a challenge and let the kids take it on if you’d like.


Here is the family, minus the twins who are asleep in the nursery.  Lemon has just wished for another baby too.  I played this family for two or three days this week.

So, today I have gone through my 9 million folders and condensed them into sub categories.  I then deleted duplicate cc/hair/mods and others that were just ugly or unwanted.  When I emptied my recycle bin, 8gb flew away.

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