New Patch…Again?

Why can’t they just fix crap before releasing it to us lemmings that keep jumping off the cliff to buy their overpriced garbage?

Yes, I’m a lemming too.  I can’t wait for the faeries.  I don’t have mods in game right now, but I still refuse to update.  I’m still recuperating from 1.34.  That was a 3 week nightmare that I’m still trying to fix.

Ahem anyway.  Haven’t played in a couple of days.  Been redoing all my junk in an orderly fashion.   My slob trait and OCD went to war and OCD won.

I wish I had a before pic to show you.


This is all that is now showing in my desktop folder.  Before I had 200 random things in all file types from toilets to sims, pets to scars.  It was a mess, but I was used to it.


I took my OCD (very mild unless it has to do with numbers) into my Store and Cc folder…this was another 200 item section that was a mess.


I’m slowly getting rid of my 3rd party cc and sticking with store items.  Here is my whole library of condensed packs.  I have a mild hair fetish.  It all still hovers at around 3 gb, but I deleted 8gb of duplicates, unused stuff and outdated stuff.  At least I now know for sure that I don’t have any eyes, mods or skins snuck in the packs this time around.

This is what my mods fold looks like before adding defaults, mods and sliders.

If anyone knows how to package up patterns, please let me know.  I just couldn’t figure it out or find a tut anywhere.   I have over 200 o.o

I literally only have 8 sims3packs..until I add my patterns.

Now if only I could get my house this organized!!

I’m off to load up the Slush tester family and see how this junk all runs, plus there are still some newborns that need to be aged up too.


5 thoughts on “New Patch…Again?

  1. You aren’t suppose to combine or mess with patterns. Something about them just doesn’t work.

    And another patch, at least this one tells ya what it does compared to 1.34. I think they missed a number since now it is 1.36. <_< I'm still on 1.33 or 1.32… XD I might update depending on what others are saying.

    1. Everyone assumes that 1.35 will be for when Diesel comes out. I think EA just can’t count.

      I have been searching for a way around the pattern thing for months. If it didn’t look like a nightmare, I would attempt to make my own…it can’t be any harder than CAW, which I find to be the most confusing thing on the planet.

  2. Ugh, and I just got comfortable with the woohooer mod! Guess I’ll not patch although I think it might be set to auto. >,<
    Organizing is good. I have that problem too. I try to keep it organized from the start but then when I look at it later I can't figure out my organization process at the time, or I just get lazy and don't do it all. Yours looks nice though!

    1. woohooer, if that is all you have, doesn’t need an update. I downloaded the patch yesterday and I think I’ll install it today. Twallan has updated Error trap already and I don’t think I have any other core mods to worry about. TFM is compatible already too. The only one I can’t get a lock on is Shimrod. I think they are okay, but I won’t chance it.

      The organization is okay, I’m liking it so far.

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