Week of July 8 – 14

Not much happened this week.  I also had a lot of Netflix hanging around, so I was working Season 5/6 of Supernatural.  Considering it got stupid Season 4, I pat myself on the back for being able to stick with it.   Am I the only one who has hated Sam since the minute he entered the screen in the first episode?


July 11 – Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 30 and the end of Generation 4 was posted.  I have also decided to do something slightly different for Generation 5.
July 13 – Queen Bee – Drone 9, part 2, Getting Drone 10 short, and Drone 10 – The End!!  There are no words to describe how happy I am to be finished with this.
July 14 – Jades’s Genes – No update yet, but I have been playing off and on all week.     Victor will be taking over next time we start up.

As you can see, getting Beelinda and the last 12 kids done took up  most of my time, and even then, Drone 10 chapter was crap because I had ceased to care or take pics.

Today, when I do my weekly shopping, I’ll probably be picking up Diesel.   I passed on Stupid Treats because I can barely stand the crap that came with Showtime and I have never used any of the Katy Perry shit in that one.  No way was I overpaying for more crap.   I’m already patched up to 1.36, which went surprisingly well for once too.  I hope that means I can just pop the disc in and play.

I am hoping to get some Tarts, WYD and Perfect genetics done this next week.  WYD for sure since we are on U and almost done.  It would be nice to have two stories put away for good in two weeks.

I am also thinking about a new game.  I have made a girl that I want to play, I just don’t know what to do with her.  I probably won’t start that up until Boo is done anyway.  If you have any thoughts, one what she should do, post a comment.

Until next week, Happy Simming everyone.

2 thoughts on “Week of July 8 – 14

    • LOL there is just something so strange about him. He creeps me out most of the time. I’m behind on several stories too. I’m hoping to catch up soonish.

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