Week of July 15 – 23

It was a super horrible week well this covers over a week lol, but I will get into that later.

July 17 – Boo’s  Boo Boos – White Ice was born.  Boo glitched herself, doubled herself and then both versions were deleted.  She was fairly easily recovered, but she then started acting weird.  I think she is back to normal for now.

July 19 – Silverflower dreams – Started a new random legacy.  I was going to do a Tumblr only posting system, but I decided that I will blog it instead.  I might do a Tumblr wishacy later this month or next.  It’s still in the thinking about phase.

The other time was spent on the phone.   My computer was running an AMD Quad Core something or other, some cpu that was really good 3 years ago and a geforce 9800 gt graphics card, again really decent 3 years ago.   I came into a lot of child support during mid-week last week.

I upgraded mine and J’s iPhone 3gs to iPhone 4.   Wal-mart lady didn’t know what she was doing and deleted our plan.  I am now waiting for the claims department to give us our plan back.  AT&T have done away with their unlimited data plan, but we have been grandfathered in to keep ours, I just need them to reinstate it.    The issue is still pending.

I then ordered some stuff from Tigerdirect.  The system glitched after accepting the payment, but before electronically receiving the order.  I was not aware of this for two days.  I finally did figure it out and spent 9 hours on the phone with both Paypal and Tigerdirect.  It was not resolved that day.

Then my internet, which has been spotty for 3 months was down for 3 hrs.  Normally it only cuts out for an hour or less a day.  It was a modem problem and I have repeatedly called to resolve this, but was told that modems don’t break.   Really?  I bet if I shot it it would.  I, to paraphrase, told them to die and kiss my white ass.  I cancelled the internet and then called a satellite company for information on their packages.   J and I were not happy with our satellite options, but I called 7 of the major internet carriers and none reach our house in the middle of nowhere.  Satellite it is.  I called the lady back and ordered the satellite.

During this time, my internet was still on, which was sorta weird.  Then my dsl company called to confirm a service call to my house.  I informed them that I had cancelled service, not requested servicing.  Long story short, they called 4 times.  I got the feeling that the company would go bankrupt if they didn’t get my $60 a month.  So, I finally said what the hell and told them to come out and give me a new modem that they were dying to give me.

I called the satellite company back to cancel the order/installation.  They couldn’t find me in their system.  I moved up the chain of command until I got to a floor manager.  Apparently, the systems were down and they had no clue when or if I would make it in to their system.   – It’s still Thursday….This all took place on last Thursday.  I will forever hate Thursdays and will never order, buy, call, email or talk with anyone outside my house on this day again.

Paypal was then called and they told me to call Tigerdirect and request that they cancel the order.  I was banging my head on my desk by this point.  I then informed them that the order was never made and that they had the money on hold and would never be sent out.  2 hours later, I was up to a manager and they said they would do what they could.  Call back later.

Later I was informed that the money was refunded.  It was not, and they said to call the credit card company that handles my child support payments to my card.  The mastercard company stated they needed a faxed letter of request from Paypal 0r some shit to be able to put the money on the card.  J’s response, “Who the hell faxes anymore?”   IKR!!

Paypal gave me a reference number to give the cc company, the cc company had no clue what the number was for.  By this time, I’m a mess.  I had used all my voice to scream, yell, threaten, curse and destroy the lesser beings I talked to.  I did level one down enough that they cried.  I was amused and happy by this.

During this time the DSL company came, installed the modem and slunk out of the house in less then 10 minutes.  I was yelling at Paypal so I just pointed to the modem spot and left to find service.  I only have 4G in one spot in my house.  3G was the opposite side of the house lol.   As they were walking out, Paypal said that it was just a matter of time before the money put itself back on the credit card.  I was told 24 hours.  – This was resolved late afternoon Thursday, 4:45pm in fact.  How do I recall this?  Read on.

I gave up fighting with the Paypal/Mastercard people for the day

I then called up Tigerdirect (again) whining like baby (because I’m cool like that).  I re-ordered everything and my whining netted me free overnight delivery.  I had just enough to get everything I ordered.  I was told that they shipped everything for the day before 5:30, so he rushed my order to get it sent in 40 min.  My previous order with extra paid for 2 day rush deliver was 1090 and some change.  The new order was like 1046 with free overnight delivery.   I figured I would be able to survive overnight with only $19 to my name.

Friday, I called to cancel the satellite company again.  I still did not exist in their system.  I chose to move past this and hope they never found me.  J left for work at his normal time of 2:30 pm.  An hour later, my favorite UPS man showed up with my whole order, minus a power supply that was not needed and used for parts at a later date.

I called the CC company and they said that it might have been refunded on Paypal’s end but it would take up to 7 days for it show on the card.   I was not happy.  I was happy that the money was still in existence though.

J built my computer Friday night and it worked perfectly.  I am now running an intel Core i5-2500k cpu at 3.30ghz and 8gb ram.  I am upgrading to a 64-bit Win. 7, so that I can use more than 4gb.  I got my Geforce gtx 550 ti graphics card with 1gb ram on board and a new motherboard, but I have no clue what that is, a new 1tb hard drive and an 18.5” widescreen monitor that I still hate.  It’s so wide, but short.  I can’t see my Sims screen.  I never play fullscreen mode.  I usually have 6 programs running and facebook lol.  Now I can do that and I can’t even tell…lol

So, I barely survived the weekend on my $19.  I used it at Walmart while J was spending our phone bill money so we could eat.  I left walmart with  $0.46 on Saturday.

Cue Monday morning…not even 3 hrs ago.  Stink said that I had missed calls on the phone.  I called the number back.  It was the satellite guy on his way to install my internet.  O:   I was like..I totally cancelled that last week (lies!).  He was so cool about it and said, “It’s always the install guys that are the last to know.”   I was thinking, “That was way too easy.”  I checked the balance on my card, and the almost $1100 is back.   I snuck on to J’s AT&T account and paid the phone bill and now I’m finally happy again.

So, anyway, I did sim this weekend, but just a tester family and I was not in the mood for my normal families.  Maybe today.  I loaded up the Tart family and it threw out like 200 errors.


My tester family is the Mendez family from Pyronium3’s Setra.  I just put them on a builder world for testing and ended up with a breeding horse farm, the two elders, their daughter and son-in-law and they had 9 kids by the time I was done with them.  Here the father is saying goodbye to his wife.  She was alive long enough to see some of her grandkids born.   Grimy has NEVER looked that good in my game before.


Some of the horse breeding results.


Viridian going on a joyride after mastering his blocks.


How about a Boo Spoiler, since he is not unique and looks like the other orange/orange clones she throws out.


Nvidia Geforce 9800 gt Circa 2009  *pic was taken last wednesday*


Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti  Circa 2012.  *Pic taken Sunday*

Since when did IF’s have texture?  I think this is when I finally decided that Sims on maxed graphics was awesome.   Not only that, but with the new wide screen monitor, I see more panorama.  I kinda like that, but I still haven’t decided to like the monitor yet.

Anyway, if you made it this far, have a cookie on me.  I really needed to rant this out, even if it is resolved.  I’m still so angry when I think about those two days.

8 thoughts on “Week of July 15 – 23

  1. Not only that, but with the new wide screen monitor, I see more panorama.

    See? Awesome isn’t it? I miss my uber large screen. The plan for a desktop is in the mix though and I shall have it again! And textured grass again. LoL
    I hope the Tart’s start working for you.

    • It’s not broken, I just wasn’t in the mood to hunt down the problem. I did get a pic of the older triplets before closing out the Tarts.

      I’m in the random file, it’s growing on me..just slowly.

    • Yes, I agree. It really does suck. The problem with living in the middle of nowhere here is that I have the option of my current provider or satellite. We ended up cancelling the satellite because of the downloading cap and the problem with satellite and online gaming. So we chose to suffer our current one with a new modem.

  2. Congratulations on surviving such a stressful week! I’m glad that in the end everything worked out and that you can now have pretty graphics :3 and a (hopefully fast) new computer.

    • I’m still like O.O I loaded up Starlight Shores and Lucky Palms…2 minutes a piece. I can save in under 3 minutes. I walk around like O: all the time now.

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