Week of July 24 – 31

The week from hell is well behind me.  The Monday after my last post, the money was put back on my card.  Five minutes later, the satellite guy called to say he was on his way and I was able to cancel through him.

My computer was running great, but all my spare parts were cursed.  Jason tried to build Stink a computer with them, but my motherboard died.  The old graphics card, cpu and cooler, RAM and hard drive were okay, though.  I just bought a replacement motherboard off ebay for like $35.  That’s how old my old motherboard was.  Stink’s goal in life is to have a computer that runs the Sims…LOL!  He made a guy with a cat months and months ago, but has never been good enough to play.  He still hasn’t learned that it does not pay to be a brat.

So this week was an awesome simming week!  I LOVED my games this week.  I will be going in alphabetical order.

New Asylum Headers  with new yay graphics.  I still ooh and aah over them.  They might be crap to others, but they rule to me!

header 3male headerfemale header

Asylum – Updated on July 27th with Chapter 8.  Funshine Knight from Rad, Parker Rain from OPB, Rabbit’s simself from The Simpletons and Sapir Brood from Madcapp all joined the house.  Links are in this post.   I did TWO updates for them.  Stay tuned as I have scheduled Chapter 9 to post on August 3rd.  I can’t believe that the game ran so well with 14 adults and 2 kids.  I was “YAY!” for the whole playtime.

Boo WYD – No Boo.  My graphics card hates her and her horse.  Anyone that goes outside is immediately black, like they are in a shadow.  As soon as they go in the house, they are fine.  I can’t picture moving the horse in to it’s own bedroom, so I will have to investigate further.

Desiderio Wishacy – Slated for 2-3 updates this week.  I will post the first, schedule the others.  I love having advance parts ready.

Jade’s Genes – Started Generation 4.  I have a weird problem with the spouse.  One person suggested that she might be part simbot.  It is a townie on Picaroon Island.  Everyone does this:


I mean they stop what they are doing and do this all. day. long.   Anyway Chapter 3.0 was uploaded on July 28.  I didn’t do two because I wanted to try and save the spouse.

Tart ISBI – Very busy week for them.  Chapter 3.6 was posted on July 26th.  An heir poll was put up the same day.  That will be closing Monday, August 1.  Get your votes in!   Chapter 3.7 is scheduled for August 2nd.

Vinson EPICChapter 7 was posted on July 23 or 24.  Generation 6 took over and had their Chapter 1 on July 30th.

Let’s see what else….Oh. On Saturday, J put in Windows 64-bit and I jumped up to 8gb RAM.  It took forever, but I got all updates and games installed yesterday.  I did a Survival of the Fittest challenge.  THAT was some funny shit.  I feel bad that my simself won.  It was not documented…just a little 8-week challenge on Lonely Island.  The runner-up was Cocaine Chimeree.  It was just like survivor, with a bonus for the winning tribe after the votes.  They start off with a sleeping bag and they get one piece of fruit (tomato/apple/watermelon) every night at midnight.  You put out a skilling item and from Monday noon to Friday noon, you control NO ONE and just watch them.  It did tend to get boring, but it was fun too.  You keep doing that and voting out the least skilled person.  In the event of a tie, I voted out the least skilled person who had the worst relationship with that weeks winner.

I have also started a Townie DecaDynasty – unofficially since I won’t play without mods.  I am not documenting this, except for random posts on Tumblr.


I started off with Gracie Loveland, had her dump that Singleton brother and then had her try a Marshall out, but those two are joined at the ass.  We settled nabbed Kenji Midden and took off his glasses, gave him some hair and fixed his lower eyes.


While Gracie brings in the heir/heiress….


Kenji hid in the trees after forcing Gracie to move out of her girly dollhouse and into a family sized abode.   The game started hanging every 27 minutes and it got annoying.  I am hoping it’s just this file and not all of them.

The coming week – I hope to work on what was not worked on last week.  Wishacy, Boo and the Random Legacy.  I will be trying to do two updates, but I don’t know.  It has been super hot lately, it’s is currently 9am and it’s already 85 degrees D:  They keep extending the heat advisory too.  It is supposed to finally end at 7pm tonight, but I won’t hold my breath.

Stop reading here..Personal rant starts now D:

I’m also in a war with my neighbor over her dog pissing on my car and crapping in my yard.  I asked her nicely to keep the little icky thing out of my yard, but she got all pissy.  Stink  walks across her yard to get to the mailbox.  He went to check the mail with me there for protection.  I guess she didn’t see me (she is legally, if not almost completely blind due to diabetes).  He waved to her and I heard, “Don’t wave at me you little brat.”   It was on.  I literally said that if I saw her stupid dogs in my yard again, they might just turn up missing.  She said that if she caught my “Little Bastard” in her yard again, she’d throw him in the highway and blow my house up (I had no comeback…I was laughing too hard).

Our retaliation is simple.  J drives his hot rod to work and that bitch is loud.  He flies up the highway and drifts into our driveway squealing tires and all.  Then he comes in the house gets out the dune buggy and jumps our ditch into the highway, squeals his tires over to the mailbox and revs the engine while he checks it.

Unfortunately, you can’t see my mailbox from our house.  They have started tampering with it.  Our bills were late because they (unproven) keep putting down our flag.  Jason said that they do now have a tiny fenced in area for the dogs, so I told him to stop making a racket at 2am as a reward.   4 years we have lived next to each other without a problem.  She’s half-dead and the roommate dude has emphysema and he is half-dead too.  I hate fighting with elderly sick people, but don’t threaten my kid.  She’s lucky I didn’t shoot her ass.

On the bright side, I didn’t have to walk my ass (or have Stink go) to check the mail.  It’s not far or take very long, but when it’s 105, it’s not pleasant. It’s a four-minute round trip walk.  Well, more if we have to walk down the highway where the average speed is 80mph.  Cutting through the old bat’s yard is something we have been doing since before they moved in.

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