Week of August 1 – 10

Okay, a little bit longer than a week.  Not much going on, but at least nothing bad has been either.   A period of ennui has hit.  I have plenty of time to do my families, I just find no interest in doing them.  I am taking the month of August to do random challenges while getting Stink ready to start grade 3.

Let’s update what I got done before I lost interest in everything.  I think it hit when I completed the WYD.

Boo’s Boo Boos

July 31    – Chapter 26: Xanadu
August 1 – Chapter 27: Yuma
August 1 –  Chapter 28: Zombie, Zorba and Zircon
August 2 –  Epilogue: The Journey to YA
August 2 –  Where are they now?    A look back on the family members and branch off members.

I really think my quest to finish Boo burned me out.  Everything posted this week had been scheduled the previous week.


Augutst 1 – Tyrian was voted as Generation 4 heir.
August 2 –  Chapter 3.7 automatically posted in my very first ever attempt at scheduling a something to post.

The Asylum

August 3 –  Chapter 9 – Our first update with the newest additions.

Vinson EPIC

August 4 – Chapter 1: An Add-On was posted in a moment of guilt.  It’s a super shot, 6 picture update.

My Complete Boredom

I should say that this was not just sims related.  I am actually bored with everything I do.  I was so bored in fact that I have tried several new things this week.

A blog I made in January, but never used was finally put to use.

I have no decent name for it so it’s temporary name is:  Things I Want to Try

I have two new things over there.  I have also been using it to work on pages and menus.  Why the heck did I not do this before?

Three Little Sims – I have the first three weeks posted.  It follows three sims and I am only allowed to control one sim a day.  Twilight is a gender reassigned Arcana Silverflower.  Apple Fruticake and Blueberry Soda are EA randomized sims that were recolored.  Navigation to each chapter is found at the top of the screen.

Desolate Days – Follow Melon Fuglicus as she attempts to get her family to breed the prettiest/handsomest sim in 5 generations while on a deserted island.   It is a Midnight Sun meets Prettacy challenge.

I was also tasked with playing Day Z – a mod that turns the Arma 2 world into a post-apocalypse zombie war game.   I’m not good at war games, but I have to try it because Hubby bought it.  We haven’t played a game together in forever.  That game was the original Halo online.  We haven’t had that on our computers for two years at least.


3 thoughts on “Week of August 1 – 10

  1. I know how you feel with the boredom. I’ve been dying of it and can’t even figure out why. Nothing is entertaining. Maybe I’m just waiting for autumn to get here. I’m sick of summer. I hate the summers in this place and it all just makes me miss Portland. Meh.
    Anyway, hope you get out of your funk soon.

    1. I hope you do too. We are having a low Sunday of 56!! This better be a precursor to 20 feet of snow!

      I keep trying new things hoping something works. It’s now heading for books and movies too. If I wasn’t completely okay with my life, I’d think I was a depressed lunatic. Oh well, I might just be burnt out or something.

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