Week of August 11 – 19

I actually was going to wait a while before putting out another one of these.  Why?  Well, because I lost interest in my files after getting burned out with Boo’s huge amount of updates to finish it off.

August 12 – Chapter 31 of The Desiderio Wishacy with the aftermath of the cliffhanger.
August 17 – Chapter 32 and Chapter 33 were posted.  I am mid –chapter 34 for pics.

Things I want to try is my newest blog.  It has some simple challenges that I have done or I am doing.  If I find something I might like to try, I add it to the list.

Chasing Wishes is a Wishacy Variation challenge.  You start with a specific sim and live out their life through wishes for a single generation.  I did the intro a while back and got out Chapter 1 today.

That is about all I have done in 9 days.

I am hoping to get in to the Asylum, the Tart’s and Vinson’s over the next week, but don’t hold your breath.  Nothing is capturing my attention for long.

I have to say that with Hubby on days and Stink in school, I am finding it hard to adjust to a schedule.  I’m ready for bed by 10pm, but with my sleeping problems, I am usually up at 3am now.  By late morning, I’m ready for a nap, which keeps me awake until 2am.  I’m just tired all the time now.  sigh.


7 thoughts on “Week of August 11 – 19

    1. Almost, except Julia and Raina have specific sims in specific town with the ltw, homes and traits all picked out. It’s really neat to see how each one acts for different simmers.

      1. Oh I get it. You do kind of a collaborationish thing in that you take specific sims and then there are many stories to see how they all play out. Well that’s neat, I like it!

    1. It’s not working. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and my eye popped open at 4. This means I’m going to be dying for a nap which then will mean I go to bed at 2am if I do take one, or go to bed at around 8 if I don’t. I’m screwed either way. I hate getting old. D:

      1. 😦 Ditto. I’ve been avoiding the naps too when I can but it hasn’t helped me. I’m too much of a nightowl I guess because by the time 8pm rolls around I wake up again and can’t generally get to sleep before 12am.

      2. I actually made another coffee. I can handle one, but two cups will have me acting like a crack fiend. So here’s to me being awake for two months. Sigh. I’m a nightowl too by preference, but it will probably be another 2-3 years before I can trust Stink to get himself up at 6:30 every morning and out to the bus by 7:15. Therefore, I have to get this stupid sleep problem solved.

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