Free Time

I was bored and had some free time.  Just waiting to go to bed.  I went to bed at 3am and was up at 6am.  Trying to hold out until 10:30, which is like 40 minutes from now.   Enough about my pathetic sleep schedule.

I was watching Krissy doing her townie makeovers and I loved what she came up with.  So, I copied her!  Cuz I’m cool shit like that.

I started off with the Langeraks.  I did not recolor any part of them.  I just moved the eye sliders down and realized each one had color that was not black.


After I was done, they each got two rolls of the trait randomizer and then I closed my eyes and chose them new LTW.  Parker and Kaylynn were aged up to YA to do their makeovers and then aged down again, same for all teens and children.

Goth’s ~



Landgraab’s ~



There is just no easy fix for poor Nancy.  Her ugly keeps shining happily.

Alto’s ~



There are the first four families.  I shall do some more tomorrow if I get bored.


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