Lost Saves

Several stories that I’m working got deleted when I defragged and did a registry fix.

Not affected are my important ones, because I back them up every Friday.   So, Vinson, Tart, Perf’s, Desiderio’s and Chasing Wishes are okay.  I haven’t played the Speed legacy lately, so I should have a backup on a jump drive somewhere.

Lost – Asylum, Silverflower random legacy, 26 pregnancies, Midnight Sun, 3 Little Sims and Spicy Family Man and (I do have 23 of his kids binned).  I lost all of my 100 baby challenge, Boo’s Boo Boos and Queen Bee.  Luckily the latter two were completed.

I will leave Boo’s Boo Boos and Queen Bee of course, but I will be deleting all the lost blogs.  I will still have the blogs and rename them at some point, but right now I’m just kind of pissed off.

I guess this is why I should not do computer maintenance without moving all my stuff to my desktop where it would have been safe.  Not fun to come home from the store and find this out.  So bummed.  /cries.

2 thoughts on “Lost Saves

  1. I backed up my important saves on Friday, it was the ones I do randomly when I am bored. I am more upset about the loss in favorite sims than the actual games.

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