Week of August 11 – 26

Not much to update since all my stories except a couple are gone.

To add insult to injury, Window’s Live Writer and WordPress are being right bitches to me too.

Chasing Wishes – The one generation wishacy has moved.  Luke Ugli and his updates are now moved and the Word Press site has been deleted.  Chasing Wishes was fixed.  It’s back here on Word Press.  Same with the Tart’s.  Thanks god.  I detest Blogger with every fiber of my being.

Tart ISBI – WordPress said, “No, you can’t update your blog theme.  In fact, how about you not being allowed to post without putting in some weird code!”   I say, “Eff you!”

My restarted Random Legacy, with world use copycatting of Styxlady and Pickled Sims is at Silverflower Dreams.  I just love the world they are using and had to use it too..that is all.

The Tarts are now at Tart ISBI.  So far, the first three generations are still on WordPress until I can figure out how to transfer them over.


Desiderio Wishacy, Vinson EPIC and Perfect Genetics are still here because I haven’t tried to post with them yet.

Do I even have game updates to post?  I better troll my past posts since I have no clue.

Tart ISBI –

August 21 – Chapter 3.8
August 23 – Chapter 3.9
August 26 – Chapter 4.0

Desiderio Wishacy –

August 12 – Chapter 31
August 17 – Chapter 32
August 17 – Chapter 33
August 25 – Chapter 34

I’m sure I did other, wonderful and memorable piles of crap, but they are all deleted now.  Now I guess we can see if this posts or not.


4 thoughts on “Week of August 11 – 26

    1. Where’s a captcha? I have not put one anywhere, nor would I know how. That’s strange.

      I tell ya, if I was a paranoid type, I’d the the world was out to kill my simmies.

      1. Nope, it’s asking for something called an API url, which when I put it in comes back invalid so I can’t post or update my theme. I just switched them over to blogger, which I hate.

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