Week of August 27 – September 1

It’s that month of the year that I say hello to my birth month.  I shall be turning 21 for 19th time in 26 days.  I am so unexcited for this.  I want an age freeze/young again potion for my birthday.

Ahh, what have I done this week.  I think..nothing.  I have to go check.   Oh yeah.  I was waiting for you people to vote on Wishacy Generation 6 and loaded up the good old ISBI.  Yep, the saves for that were deemed GONE!  I had backed up the day before though !  Open-mouthed smile  Too bad they were BACK in Sunset Valley.  Tyr is BACK to being a teen and the new town never happened.  His babies are gone, Peach never died…I am unhappy.  I have no clue what to do with them now.

It was definitely the week of over updating the Desiderio’s.

August 29 – Chapter 35
August 30 – Chapter 36
August 30 – Chapter 37 – Filler

You have deemed Kit-Kat as the Generation 6 heiress.  Thanks to everyone who voted!

I was able to move both the Tart’s and Chasing Wishes back over here to WP, unfortunately this leaves the Random Legacy stuck over on Blogspot.  I hate that place.  Not sure what I will do with it, but I haven’t even put out a post yet, so maybe this week since it’s almost time for generation 2.  I just need Stink to pick a number between 1-4 for the heir/ess.

I have restarted my 100 BC.  Let’s hope I can get further than 35 this time.  You will find it listed as Nebula 100.  I have the rules done!  Go me!   I worked on the prologue last night.  I think I might need 2-5 more pictures before it’s ready to post.  Luckily, I play and write at the same time lately.  I am liking doing it that way.   EDIT:  Prologue is now up.

How about a sneakish peak?


Andromeda – age 3


Here is Andromeda Nebula – age 10 wishing her prince (or anyone for that matter) would come rescue her arm from the wall.


Andromeda – age 15.

Andromeda is the product of a CAS Made guy and my berry Simself.

Oh yeah. I updated my simselves, but I am going back in to make them cc free.  I should also state that in with Andromeda I have some Simpletons – Julie, Omri, Tai, Blue, Mally, Tim, Raina and Vivid.  I have some other friends/acquaintances in there, Cait, OPB, TUF, and Mariah.  I put Cait’s Random Legacy spare, Castiel Turtle in their house along with my pointy eared buddy from the failed 3 little sims challenge.

It only took a couple of days, but what stands out the most is that Raina and Twallan are now married!   Baby Twallan’s?  Oh I hope so!

Regarding the newest patch (1.38), I have it downloaded, but I am not installing it until Twallan, Shimrod and TFM are all updated.  Twallan seems to be about 75% done because he is awesome.  Just the major ones that I use, MC, ET, and SP are still being worked on.  I am in no hurry, so I will happily play with my skin tones and ear sliders.  I am dying to click the little check mark to kill all the animals off though!

I think that’s enough of my boring rambling.   I want to get Tyr back up to YA this week, I want Arcana, her spouse and four kids to have their first chapter up, I need to get the Chasing Wishes chapter finished and get Nebulan’s going too.  Busy week.  Good thing I don’t have a life or ever sleep.  I better shove some time in their for Perf. genetics too.  I just realized I can’t remember the heir’s name…has it really been that long since I saw them?

Oh well, until next week my friends.  Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend (if you’re American), or just be safe and happy over the weekend (if you’re not).

—–Not Sims—-

On a more personal note, if you don’t know, I have three kids ranging in age from 8 – 20.  My youngest, Stink, has been in 3rd grade for 8 days.  I am not blinded by my child.  He is a spoiled, rotten, pain in the butt brat that I adore.  He has already conned his BFF Aidan out of a dollar (since forced to repay and got grounded), conned Paisley out of fangs and a fake blood packet (since returned and grounded again).   To top it all off.  His teacher sent home a note with a checklist.  Said checklist had 32 questions on it ranging from his imagination to his reading schedule, to his lying, and meanness.  Of the 32 questions, only 8 did not have a “Yep, that’s my boy” check mark next to it.

The stupid paper was filled out and after two days of staring at it, I finally turned it in.   My child is going in for further testing to see if he qualifies for their gifted program.  I don’t know how I feel about this since he has the attention span of a gnat and the maturity level of an embryo.

His second homework assignment consisted of 50 math equations that he had done (correctly) in five minutes.  He reads at a 4-5th grade level.  He finished all the Narnia books and the first Harry Potter last year.  He’s just waiting for me to buy hard copies of the rest since I have them on my Ipad.   Oh well, I shall wait and see what transpires.


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