Week of Sept. 2 – 9

Well, it was a day or two late, but I did get my Supernatural.  I am really enjoying the new world.  I just wish I could find all the zombies everyone else is getting bombarded with.  D:

Not much updating was done because I had to replay Kit-Kat’s first update (3 times – Teen to elder) without mods.  3 times, 3 gay/bi results.  No Woohooer means no babies.  THEN when I finally updated my patch and mods, she decides to be straight.  Also, her relatives started marrying each other.  Zircon asked Magnolia to prom.  After woohooer was updated, Kit-Kat snuck in a cyber woohoo.  It was a long time before she gained a level in Kama Simtra, when she did, I found out that she cyberwoohoo’d uncle Paradise.  Sick smileSurprised smileSteaming madThumbs down.

Luckily, Twallan got me an update real quick!  I Red heart Twallan!  He has been a great help to me this week.  When my Portrait Panel broke, he had an update within hours.  When my woohooer broke, he had an update real quick.  When my mover broke, he had an update by the time I got up in the morning.  If you hit up his wiki, you will see a million of my posts where my game was broke and a  “Try this update” from Twallan.

I bet you anything, that even EA employees won’t play without Twallan mods.


Also, I am in search of some feedback in the coming weeks as we get to know Supernatural better so that CSquared and I can update the WYDC Rules.  I plan to do another one, but from the male standpoint Open-mouthed smile   I’m really looking forward to investigating Supernatural one woohoo at a time.

So far, there are two new careers to add.  The lifespan bonus might need to be tweaked a bit since Supernaturals live longer.


I am reviewing my ongoing stuff on my Random/Let’s try this blog.  Rising Midnight Sun was cancelled because it is the most boring challenge ever.  BORING!  I will be reviewing the other in the weeks to come or working on them randomly when I’m in the mood for a change.

Chasing Wishes – One Generation Wishacy

Sept. 6 – Luke Ugli made it to Chapter 2.  This chapter was also completed a while back, but I was having serious issues with WordPress and updating.  Ended up that it took me over a week to find an obscure post from 5 years ago stating that you can’t upload from outside with a static page.  I have since done away with all my static pages and haven’t had trouble since.

Silverflower Dreams

I found several of my saves, including my random challenge. Here is the chapter that was done, but was going to be deleted. Glad to have found the backup saves!

Sept.2 – Arcana Silverflower – Chapter 2 – Almost time for Firebolt to take over.  I did his roll and I think it might be an interesting generation.

Desiderio Wishacy

Sept. 7 – Kit-Kat Chapter 38 was finally done.  I still have 9 mods that are not done yet.  One of them is a no reacting to ghosts.  So, no more Moonlight Falls updates for Kit-Kat until that one is in my mods folder.  She can’t work or earn tips because she is too busy warding of ghosts.

Nebula 100 BC.  

Prologue – Sept. 1
Prologue, Part 2 – Sept. 8
Prologue, Part 3 – maybe, I’m trashing all the work I did yesterday.

This is not widely advertised, in fact I don’t think I have links to it anywhere.  I never recovered my old 100 baby challenge, which was no big loss.  I hadn’t worked on it in months anyway.

So, I started a new one.  It’s more for fun than anything and it’s not advertised because it sucks.  I am waiting on several mods (as mentioned above), so it will be bits and pieces of playing for now.

It has a Prologue and Chapter 1.  I have been working Chapter 2 for several days.  I don’t know how you real storytellers do it.  I just sit there and stare at it for hours and then I type a word and then pick my nose, wash dishes, type another word.   Wash the windows, crash cars on Burnout, then erase what I wrote.  I have had a migraine for days. Which reminds me that I am halfway done with Prologue part whatever and I don’t like.  A day of writing and 150 pics (with only 10 useable) for the recycle bin.  Makes me want to just give up.

Well, seein’ as I am just rambling about nothing…see you all next week!


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