Week of Sept. 10 to Sept. 17

Well, if you discount the fact that I somehow deleted my graphics driver (or the sims did) and the game refused to recognize my the damn thing, then had to do a weird juggle of deleting the base game and nothing else, doing a system restore (which deleted all active meta files during the time I restored back to) and then slipping the base game back in without the EP/SP’s noticing, it was a decent week.

A nice peaceful week of having to load up every effing town I use and, putting a sim in there, saving the game, quitting the game and then stealing the meta file it generated and sticking into the corresponding save.  I have so many saves it isn’t even funny.  Luckily, it only affected about 30 saves, (4 – 8 saves per family depending if they were used).  So, while I was doing that, I was cleaning up my SavedSims too.  I am going to reupload everyone to mediafire.  I opened up a file that only has expansion packs, and some store stuff.  Then I will be doing it that way from now on.  If they are a super favorite, I might back them up on the exchange too.

Vinson EPIC – Finally gave the family the attention they deserved.
Sept. 10 – Built a new house and got out Chapter 2.
Sept. 13 – I even had enough for Chapter 3 and the move to the new town and house.
Sept. 13 – I was having so much fun, that we even had enough for Chapter 4.

The random file got some attention too.  I have been working (with bad luck) on the story for the Nebula’s, I have hit a giant brick wall and now I just keep ramming my head into for fun.

Sept. 10 – I found a new challenge I wanted to try, Stranger in a Sim Land.  You can find the first week on my random blog.  Chapter 1: Week 1.

Sept. 16 – Random Challenge, Silverflower Dreams – I got Chapter 3 done.  I also have 160 pics to go through.  That might be one or two updates worth, but I would suggest only planning on one.

I chose to move the Tart family, but I just plopped them down in the same town after I got rid of unnecessary family.  I spent a full day working on their family tree first though.  I only kept anyone that directly relates to Peach due to the incestuous moments this family has.  I kept all the graves though.  I did play them for a bit, but I’m still super bummed out about their save dying and losing his (Tyrian) first chapter.  I just couldn’t get into them.  I will try again this week.

I am also slacking in the Desiderio Wishacy department.  I had enough for Chapter 39, but I never found time to do it.

That is my week, well except I am downloading Sims 2 as we speak.  Even though I can never keep anyone alive to actually enjoy the game, I also picked up University and Seasons off Ebay yesterday.  Apparently, you can’t get University off the EA site anymore, so no official brand new copy, but a “Slightly” used copy instead.  Sucks.


I found a zombie!!!

/end spoiler.


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