Week of Sept. 18 – Oct. 1

I played a bunch of stuff, but never enough to make an update.  I actually was doing a breeding save.  My ugly alien looking sims against Sunset Valley.  I posted those updates on my Simblr.  Got some seriously ugly kids out of the town.

Silverflower Dreams –  Chapter 4 came out on Sept. 19.  Chapter 5 finally got done after a couple of weeks trying to find a town for them.  Chapter 6 is scheduled for Oct. 4.

Sept. 27
*NEW* Moonlight Compulsion. For my birthday, I tried to do a Zombie Apocalypse and failed my own challenge on the first day. Prologue.

Instead of starting over, I changed it into a Life States Dynasty by Metro. Chapter 1 was really fun to do. I then pre-ordered Seasons and got back to it. Chapter 2 was posted on Sept. 28

Tart ISBI – Sept. 29 –  I finally got an update and put the save aside so I won’t have to go back to Peach ever again.   Chapter 4.0 and then a quick Chapter 4.1 when the save started acting bad again.

The Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 39 was posted on Oct. 1.  Another one is scheduled to appear on Oct. 4.

I played around with Jade’s Genes, Doodleburger’s and the Vinson’s, but not enough for an update.  I have an update request for Jade, so I am trying to get that done.

I am still trying to get the Nebula’s off the ground too.   I have had the next chapter done 3 separate times, but I just don’t like it and have deleted them.  I am actually in their game now and have no thoughts on what to do with them.  I tossed them in Sleepy Valley, added a ton of homes from Sims Asylum and then grabbed everyone’s simselves from there and stuffed them there too.  I then went ahead and stuffed my sim bin with every family I have made over recently and turned immigration on.


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