Month of October 8 to November 13, 2012

Oct. 7  – Nebula 100 – Chapter 3
Oct. 9  – Moonlight Compulsion – Chapter 3
Oct. 11 – Vinson – Chapter 5 was posted
Oct. 13 – Vinson – Chapter 6 was posted.
Oct. 14 – Jade’s Genes – Chapter 19 – Chapter numbering was drastically changed.
Oct. 17 – Desiderio Wishacy – Chapter 41 posted.
Oct. 19 – Nebula 100 – Chapter 4
Oct. 20 – Nebula 100 – Chapter 5

Oct. 20th to now, I spent in Sims 2 land.  I increased my collection from Double Deluxe to include Seasons, Apartment Life, Free Time, and University.  I then went on to order all 8 Stuff packs, which I have been waiting for without word for three weeks.  The other day I ordered hard (separate copies) of Sims 2 (base) and Night Life.  One day, I might even learn how to do the pics for them.

Other than that, I have been doing just about nothing.  The other night, J talked me into giving DayZ another try.  Other than screaming whenever a zombie got near me, I had a blast watching the many ways I can possibly die.  A friend got me a sniper rifle.  I had 45 kills before I accidentally rolled off the roof of a building and broke all the bones in my body.  That sucked.  Next time, I might turn on fraps.

I had an idea for an Alien Legacy.  I was thinking of doing it to get to know Seasons.  Then my pre-order got all screwed up and it looked like I was not going to be able to get it for a while.  So, instead of coming soon, it came now.  It is currently the only Sims related thing I’m doing, so the chapters are flying out.

The Dantari Legacy/OWBC went live on November 10 with Chapter 1.  I am currently working on Chapter 5.  It took several hours, but I even managed to figure out how to make my own scorecard/point tally spreadsheet.

Hubby surprised me by saying that he would be happy to start a Seasons search after work tonight (technically 4am tomorrow).  I think it might be because I actually played a game with him for once.

That’s all for now.  Stink just called.  He forgot his backpack and now I have to drive for the first time in several months.  Sigh.  I hate driving without a license.   Oh well, I think I can make it 4 miles undetected.

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