Week of November 14-19

Around the time that Patch 1.42 came out, I had backed up a copy of my AGS folder (2o-30gb) and put it on my desktop so I could transfer it back later on after I had patched and mods were updated.

It has sat there on my desktop for the past few weeks and I had made a brand new file for the Dantari Legacy the other day, so I decided to start making new folders for all my stories and even got an update out for the Desiderio’s using forgotten about screenshots from last month.

The Breakdown:

The Vinson’s were two chapters ahead of where I left off.  Their screenshots are nowhere to be found and I luckily had a save that takes place immediately after the last update left off, so I will revert back to it and lose about 3 days of play.  To top it all off, Seasons is messing with older files.  Moonlight Falls is seriously unplayable.  I portered up the family and now I have to decide what to do with them or where to put them.

Desiderio’s  got a cheap chapter put out, which caught you up to where I was in game.  Their town is running fairly well, but the house was not.  A new one had to be built.

Jade’s Genes is actually current.  I have not made it in game to test the town yet.  If there are problems, I will just reload them back into SV since they have only been there a short while.

My Random file has 40 saves from my random challenges blog.  I will be going through them one by one when time permits.  This does not count Silverflower Dreams.  They have their own file.

Nebula 100 – Found 86 screenshots.  I have no clue what was going on in them either.  It will be another update like the Desiderio’s with me making stuff up LOL.  By the looks of the save picture on loading, something big happened.  There are only four people in the house.

Silverflower Dreams has two updates worth of screenshots missing.  I’m not even sure the Random legacy can go on now.  A failed Random Legacy stinks, but I will have to look more closely at a later date.  As of the last update, Ransom was newly pregnant and Arcana was still alive (I think).  When trying to decipher that mess of their save file, Ransom is no longer pregnant and the offspring are toddler/child age.  My best bet is to delete the newest save and revert to one of the other three.  In all, I only lose about 3 hours of gameplay, which isn’t that big of a deal and it’s the three adults and six girls.

Tart – Like this family hasn’t suffered enough over the past (almost) year.  I hate to see how they are doing.

*15 minutes later*  They are actually okay.  Not sure how well the save will play yet though.  There are 50 screenshots and I know I built them a new house.

I did start the Dantari Legacy and I have been playing that exclusively while trying to get in the mood to start up playing Sims 3 again.  All saves have to be checked for Seasons.  Desiderio’s survived, but Vinson’s did not.  The attraction system is favorable in the Desiderio’s and ruined the Vinson’s.  So when the Vinson’s get to their new town, Cherry will not be there since she was kicked out of the house.  I do like the attraction system and I have no plans on getting a mod to kill it off.

Desiderio Chapter 42 – Nov. 17

Dantari – an Alien Legacy/OWBC  – Founding Generation was 9 chapters starting at Chapter 1.  It took forever in that time to pick an heir.  Chapter 10 is the start of Generation 1.

I am not sure when I’ll start playing the saves again, but hopefully soon.  Knowing there is a 50/50 chance that Seasons has killed the saves is not something I want to deal with right now.

2 thoughts on “Week of November 14-19

    • I have so much trouble, that I have learned to keep backups of my backups. I keep backups on my desktop that I save once a week and I also have a 16gb jump drive that I don once a month.

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