The December Challenge

ABC Insanity is an A-Z baby challenge that can exclusively be found at Sims Asylum (currently up to M).  If you use TFM’s mods, Bluejunjtisu or Shimrod, you should  be able to see this okay already, but if not you might have to register there.  This has been ongoing now since October, and I just put up a new update today.  The male sim that started the challenge with Alera was Cosmic from itsjulie’s musicacy.

On December 1st, the 1st annual Sims Asylum Challenge will be starting.  I am still in  the planning stages, but I do plan  to try to get my sim to autonomously woohoo with 20 sims.  I am not allowed to help them woohoo (no clicking woohoo, risky or tfb ever) in any way.   So, this will go from December 1  to February 1.  I will hopefully be doing some other of my families by then.

I found two more families that have to be moved and I am hoping that taking out Twallan’s personality mods from SP will aid in saving me having to start up new worlds.  I am testing out Moonlight Compulsion tonight and making my sim for my challenge too.

I am thinking of setting  it up in Twinbrook and making over the ones I have since realized are missing.  Then getting pics for the downloads page of all townie makeover sims since Stink  is out of school until Monday for the Turkey Day that I am not in the mood to cook for.

Today, in the mail I got 8 more Sims 2 stuff packs.  I also got OFB, Pets, and the IKEA stuff today for like $15 off Ebay.  I will get the last thing, Bon Voyage, after the 1st of the year.

So, when the next 3 stuffs comes I can finally re-install  my games in order and finally be done with Double Deluxe which doesn’t  run right on my computer.


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