Weeks of November 20 – January 4

So much time has passed!  Happy belated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!

I took an extended hiatus for the Holiday’s/TFM Sims Asylum Challenge,  Cupid’s Conundrum which I completed in December, but still do minor updates for along with a TS2 version.

If you are registered with the Sims Asylum, you can read all about Cupid there too, but it was dual posted so you can read it here if you want.

As previously noted, Seasons lagged all my saves.  The Tart Family was able to go on and I even spent about 3 minutes putting some color around the new house and remodeled a bit of the outside.

Chapter 4.2 was posted on 11/24
Chapter 4.3 was posted on 1/2/13
Chapter 4.4 was posted on 1/4/13
Chapter 4.5 is scheduled for 1/5/13.

You can now hit up The Download a Tart page for some downloads.  I am still working on it though.

I really had fun with the Tart’s the past couple of days and I am really excited to go back!

The Vinson’s –  Not much to say here.  Their save was horrid.  I’m not sure what happened, but things went to hell, and then it got amazing and then the Season’s lag forced a move.

Generation 7: Leo: Chapter 1 was posted with leftover forgotten about shots on 11/24.
Chapter 2 was posted on 12/31.  They did end up moving, but they kept crashing my game.  I think I have it solved, but I have not been back yet.  The Vinson’s are now rocking Lucky Palms.

Again, it started off rocky, but I had so much fun playing the family.  I missed them a lot.  You can now Download a Vinson off their download page.

Desiderio’s – I had a request for a family upload, which I did yesterday.  They are listed as a family and individually on their downloads page.  I went and found all my .sim files, so I will be able to add more generations too.  I did not get a chance to play them because I had to move them to Riverview and build them a house.  I populated the town with some of my makeovers from SV, TB, and MF.

Speaking of….I have completed and uploaded all my makeover sims.  I still am going to do other worlds too, but only as I need them.  I left some of Riverview’s townies there, so I might work on them.

Dantari’s – Chapter 11 was posted on 11/26.  So hoping to get them played soon.

Boo may have been done for six months, but her page is still going strong.  She will be the first of my blogs to hit 10,000 views in the coming months.  The rules were updated in Nov. and will be again in March (from what I have heard) when Uni comes out.

All in all, I have enjoyed the 20 woohoo challenge and the hiatus from all the families, but now that I’m getting back in the swing of things, I sure did miss my simmies.

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