Insufficient Memory Crashes

All Sims related stuff is on hold as of now.   For the past week, I have been getting CTD’s due to insufficient memory.  Considering that I am running an Nvidia 550ti and 8 gb of Ram, there is definitely something amiss.

I am at a cap of 20 minutes of gameplay before a crash occurs.   So until I get some answers or track down the problem, I am done.

6 thoughts on “Insufficient Memory Crashes

    • It is solved! I did a whole registry fix (210 errors) and junk file removal (6gb worth), defrag and regenerated my sims 3 folder. I regenerated my CCM folder and 4 hours later, I was good. I was able to do an update on my Random blog for the Strangers challenge. I am now doing a quick Isle of the Midnight Sun with my own personal rules. So far so good on the smaller save files. I will move up to the 200+mb ones later tonight or tomorrow to test them out. Vinson’s and Desiderio’s crashed four of five times in a very short they will get tested tomorrow.

      I had not done any computer maintenance since July. I’m lucky things didn’t blow up worse.

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