Week of January 5 – 12

I did finally solve my CTD  issues.  So there is one worry gone.

I am so used to concentrating on one story (remnants of Cupid), that I failed to get other people caught up this week.


January 5 – Chapter 4.5
January 6 – Chapter 4.6
January 11- Chapter 4.7

The Tart’s Generation 5 are going back to their roots.  All kids will  get the Insane trait at the child birthday.

Vinson EPIC

January 7 = Chapter 3.  Pregnancies were found to be pretty broken. Abrianna King was in labor in a blizzard for 3 days and Leo had 21 babies in 24 hrs due to an unending labor.  I finally figured out how to end the pregnancies (Leo and Abrianna were not selectable at all during the labors) and ended up deleting all the babies except the first one.  Abrianna never had any babies and is no longer pregnant.   This only affected teen and m/m pregnancies.  I do not currently have a f/f couple, but I assume  that it would have affected them too.

We think we have traced to SimsXM Zodiac mod.  I have since deleted that mod and will be testing pregnancies today during whoever I decide to play.  *fingers crossed*

Silverflower Dreams

January 5 – Chapter 7 – I also rerolled Generation 3 as One of the choices was DC’d and I got the new roller updated for Seasons.  It actually did not change much at all.

I restarted my 3 Little Sims Challenge.  It is aptly named 3 Little Sims Reloaded.

January 5 – Week 1
January 6Week 2

I then decided to play my Strangers in a Sim Land save.  This one started a very long time ago.

September 10, 2012 – Chapter 1: Week 1
January 9 – Chapter 2: Week  2

I am doing another Midnight Sun Challenge for fun.  It will not be posted though.

That’s my week.  I am hoping to get get the Desiderio’s done this week.  Then Jez and Tyr need three more babies.  Glitter Kiss will take over the Random Legacy in less than 5 days.  Leo and Hector need a couple of more kids too.

One thought on “Week of January 5 – 12

  1. Oh yeah! I forgot about that. None of mine were clones though. I aged up a couple to see and they all had genetics from both parents and some that went back several generations. I wish I could have kept them, but nope. Not dealing with 17-22 toddlers.

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