January 13 – 17

I am changing how I update.  It will be a daily log and I will no longer be posting links to the stories on Facebook.

January 13 –
Tart: Chapter 4.8.
Desiderio’s: Chapter 43, Chapter 44 and The End.  I can’t believe the wishacy is done.

January 14 –
New Challenge:  Name Game ChallengeName of the Game: Chapter 1, Chapter 2. This will be updated randomly when I need a break from other things.

January 15 –
Nothing played today.  I did general maintenance of all blogs and got downloads up on each one.  Generation 4 of the Tart’s are all posted and Caramel and Glaze of Generation 5 are up.

January 16 –

Vinson: Chapter 4.  Tart:  Chapter 4.9
January 17 –
Tart: Chapter 4.10 and Chapter 4.11,  Name of the Game: Chapter 3.

This will be the only thing to be posted on Facebook from now on.  I will hopefully remember to put  of this daily log, but I’m old so don’t hold your breath.  Tart’s will still be updated here on the Officials and here at Boolprop.  Vinson’s will only be updated on Boolprop along with everything the Name Game entries.  All my other stories are deemed to be played when I feel like it.

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