January 18 – 23

I forgot I was going to do a daily log.  I blame old age.

Name of the Game:
January 21: Chapter 4

Silverflower Dreams, Generation 3 is underway.  I just need to get off my butt and write it up.

I failed my Life States Dynasty,  Moonlight Compulsion.  Find the Restart here
January 19: Chapter 1
January 19: Chapter 2
January 19: Chapter 3

I have been working on my 26 Pregnancies challenge forever, but just put them on WP

My 2nd attempt at the 26 pregnancies.  Alera is a sim I made.  I used Cosmic Midnight by Julie.  All the other men were put in by me and can be found at Sims Asylum or are Asylum self sims.

Chapter 1: Alera and Cosmic
Chapter 2: Babies A-H
Chapter 3: Growing Up
Chapter 4: Fortune Wish
Chapter 5: Babies I, J, and K.
Chapter 6: Age Ups
Chapter 7: Seasons
Chapter 8: Babies L and M

My sole focus though, has been on the Tart Family since the beginning of January.  I am having a hard time writing for it, but I did manage to get past last chapters tragedy.

Also, in the past 23 days, I have had 1,133 views.  Considering it took 12 months to hit 4,000.  I am in shock.  Thanks to everyone who has found my favorite family.


January 21: Chapter 5.0


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