Days of January 27-31

Been a slow few days.  I have enjoyed playing, but I am not really in the mood to write stuff up and post it.

Name of the Game is going pretty decently.
January 29 – Chapter 5
January 29 – Chapter 6
January 30 – Chapter 7 – end of Generation 1.

Tart ISBI is plodding along.
January 30 – Chapter 5.1
January 31 – Chapter 5.2

Been testing my friend, Rosewin’s world out.  I am really loving it too.  I restarted my Midnight Sun Challenge, just modified the rules a teeeny, tiny bit.  Melon Fuglicus did make her return, but instead of the three tourist countries, Traveller mod was used to take her to Lucky Palms to find a man.

25 Days got married, pregnant, had babies and then toddlers then crashed.  I went back in to start over and got the prompt to save soon after, it crashed while saving and I lost a second save.  I haven’t had a chance to go back yet again to see where it crashed back to.

Tart Family crashed two or three times, so I am searching out the problem now.  No conflicts in Dashboard, but it is still telling me the crash is CC related.  Bullshit.  I went through and replaced all my mods, but that didn’t help.  With the last crash, I lost save 2/4.  I still have 1, 3 and 4 to look at.  But that is two hours of redecorating, I will never redo.

I am hoping to salvage the Dantari’s today.  Three of the saves are corrupted and I haven’t tried the last one yet.

Oh and I’m working on something else for February or March.  Not sure when.


Supernatural Sundae’s – A rainbowcy meets a Supernatural State Legacy.  I have started playing, but the characters just are not speaking to me.  I won’t write anything until they gain a voice.


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