Post Schedule

I have finally decided to see if a posting schedule helps me get things rolling.  No more random postings, double postings or no postings!  Don’t hate me if I fail.  This is just a test.

Jade’s Genes, Dantari Legacy and Nebula 100 are not working save files right now.  I am trying actively (and have been for months) to get them to work.  They are off until further notice.

MondayTart ISBI –  I am hoping that Chapter 5.3 will be ready by Feb. 4.
TuesdayVinson Family
WednesdayName of the Game.  No posts until at least Feb. 10.
Thursday25 Days speed legacy.
FridayRandom Day.  This means anything posted on my Random blog can and will be posted throughout the day.  So far, a revamp of the Midnight Sun will be ready tomorrow morning and is already scheduled.
SaturdayMoonlight Compulsion.  No posts until at least Feb 9.
SundaySupernatural Sundae’s – Not until late-February/early March.

I will be using the first week of this to get some stuff written up.  I am tentatively hoping to be on track for the 2nd week of February.

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