February 5 – 10

So far so good on the scheduling thing.  I even chose not to play for a few days in there too.  I did get all of Season 9 of NCIS watched.

Monday, February 4:  Açaí Berry – Perfect Genetics attempt #3 was undertaken.  I have not given them a set day for posting, but I might do them on Wednesday’s until my Supernatural Legacy finally gets started.
Tuesday, February 5:  Chapter 5, Vinson’s.
Wednesday, February 6:  Netflix day!
Thursday, February 7:  Chapter 5, 25 Days
Friday, February 8:  Chapter 2, Midnight Sun
Saturday, February 9:  Chapter 5, Moonlight Compulsion
Sunday, February 10:  Chapter 9, Name of the Game.

Tart’s are all done for next Monday and half the pictures are done for the week after.  Today and this weekend will be me getting ready for hubby’s schedule shift.  He ended up having to train his replacement for another week.  Next week, my day starts 90 minutes early at 5am.  NOT happy about this.

The upside is that Stink and J will be out of the house from 6:30 am (J) and 7:15 (Stink) until 3:45 (Stink) and 4:15 (J) every day!  Talk about quiet time.  I will be able to get my cleaning done in the morning now instead of late afternoon when J wakes up.

The bad news is that for the past week water is bubbling up in all the drains when you run the washer or shower.  I have a bad feeling that I might need to have someone pump out the septic tank….$300 I don’t want to spend.  Luckily, we did taxes last week and they forecasted our refund for 3-6 weeks.  It came in last night.

Stink was also attacked at school the other day, so I have been dealing with that too.  I guess the other child’s parents are so horrified that he was spanked within an inch of his life.  That put a stop to me involving the police.  The little boy in question has been in Stinks’ class since Kindergarten.  They are 3rd graders now, but the boy is is the size of 5th grader.  He went batshit crazy after PE, pulled down Stinks’ pants and hit him on the bare ass.  I am still very horrified and angry.   The boy (in conference with the Principal) reported that he had no clue what came over him or why he did it.  Stink doesn’t understand why everyone is upset (so innocent and oblivious), the Principal had no clue what to do about it and I just want to hit something.


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