Week of February 11 – 17

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I actually ended up getting quite a bit done this week.  A slight mishap in the scheduling of the Tart ISBI,  it posted a day earlier than planned.  Name of the Game got two updates out over the course of the week so that an Heir Poll could be started.  Moonlight Compulsion is having some issues with freezing.   I do have the stuff for a Perfect Genetics update, but spent that day streaming Fringe, Season 4.

I am going to do some maintenance on Moonlight Compulsion and hope that it fixes whatever the problem is.  If not, I might bin the house and restart Moonlight Falls and plop the house back in.

February 10 – Name of the Game:  Chapter 10
February 11 –  Tart ISBI.  Chapter 5.4  (it was scheduled wrong and posted on the 10th).
February 12 –  Vinson Family.  Chapter 6.  Unexpected happenings and last post of Generation 7.
Name of the Game:  Chapter 11.
February 13 –  Açaí’s Perfect Genetics, Chapter 3 – Is slightly late because I was watching Season 4 of Fringe most of the week.   Expect it on February 14 or 15.
February 14 –  25 Days.  Chapter 8.  Last post of Generation 2.
February 15 –  Midnight Fug, Chapter 3.  Kids are born, birthdays happen, but do they ever find an heir?
February 16 –  Moonlight Compulsion, Chapter 6 – Delayed.  The game freezes every 3 seconds.
February 17 –  Name of the Game:  Heir Poll Ends. I got out two updates during the week so that I could open up the heir poll for Generation 3.  Please take a second and vote if you have not already.

A lot is happening next week with several families ready have their next generation start.

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