February 18 -24

Things will be on hold for a bit.  I started replaying Final Fantasy XII on Tuesday and I don’t foresee me stopping until it’s completed.  I will try to keep Tart, Vinson and Name of the Game current, but I don’t foresee a regular schedule returning until after Uni  on March 5th.  Plus, mods are being updated for the new patch and I am holding out and not patching yet.

February 18 – Tart ISBI. Chapter 5.5.
February 19 – Vinson Family. Chapter 1.
February 20 – Playing Final Fantasy XII.
February 21 – 25 Days. Chapter 9
February 22 – Midnight Fug – Delayed
February 23 – Moonlight Compulsion – Delayed
February 24 – Name of the Game – Delayed

4 thoughts on “February 18 -24

    • I’m hoping to be able to get everything left on the list out. We are in the middle of an ice storm, so not today as I’ll be hangout out under the blankies with the kid now that school is cancelled. I am just hoping to keep power at this point.

      • Yes, it passed uneventfully. Got a couple inches of ice and school was cancelled on Thurs, and Fri., much to the delight of Stink.

        Haven’t even played my game. Got sick, so I’m still recuperating from that. Trying to see if a CC downloading spree will make me feel better.

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