Trying to get back into playing and failing.  I did throw together a little house.



Lower floor contains a garage and laundry room.  You could also add a basement for more levels.

I put in basic landscaping, but it’s not really my thing.  There is plenty of room to add on a backyard or a little garden.


Laundry area


Overhead view of the main floor.


Kitchen and also the “study”.


Living room and dining room.


Since I won’t be using this house, but putting it in the world for Townies  and such, there is a crib here for a new family.  You could easily delete that and put a bookcase or the dresser in that area.


The other portion of the bedroom.



The house is based on this house plan.

The house was built in Rflong’s Bellatrix, so you will not be getting the purple terrain paint.

It sits on a 20 x 20 lot and costs $48,699 furnished and is under $25,000 unfurnished.

The garage doors are from the Bau Haus set.  I also have all Ep’s and Sp’s up to Decades.  This was built on Patch 1.48.

Library file – Just drop in your library folder.



4 thoughts on “Leverage

  1. Hello.
    I want to say thanks for following my blog. (even though there’s nothing in it,)
    Do you think you could (Or someone else) help me out? I have no idea how the hell WordPress works, and i like having things recognized, so I’d like above the top to have things like, “Chapters” “About” Y’know, stuff. But as I said, I have NO IDEA how to do that.
    I’d really appreciate it!

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