Weeks of Feb. 25 – March 4

Well, I have not been well, but I am doing fine…or I was until I went for a walk today.  I only made it 10 minutes out before I died.  No cell service so I had to crawl home.  There were bunnies hopping along making fun of me.  Not my proudest day.   Sadly, my left leg was left by Bob’s pasture.  If anyone finds it, just email it to me.

I did play a lot of Final Fantasy.  I am still playing it, but I finally did start playing sims again.

Feb. 28 – 25 Days Speed Legacy – Chapter 10 was posted.

In fact, I was having so much fun…

March 7 – Chapter 11
March 14 – Chapter 12
March 21 – Chapter 13

were all completed, uploaded and scheduled.  I also patched up to 1.50 in that time and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out that new caste system.  Being in pain (hips are geriatric) and sick on top of that made it hard to concentrate or sit long enough to be able to figure stuff out.  I currently have taken out SP and I really love how fast my game runs, but I sure miss my townies having a life.  I will probably put it back in later today.

Vanilla Cream Sundae is making his debut!
Supernatural Sundae’s – One is uploaded.  I am giving it one last proofreading and then I will post it. It was just posted.

Tart family got up to 7,000 views!  Considering I had 4,500 for all of 2012, this is amazing to me.  Thanks so much for reading guys!

Speaking of the Tart’s. I am hoping to have an update this week and have one for Monday.  I want to get a couple of updates ready for each family as soon as I can.

Not sure when I will do another Midnight Fug.  Melon got pregnant and then I saved after Chuck’s teen birthday (Melon popped right in the middle).  When I loaded them back up 5 minutes later, she was not pregnant anymore.  That’s when I decided that SP had to come out.  Anyway, I have decided to cancel the PGC portion of it.  I have Acai doing that and I don’t feel like doing two anymore.  I think the heir will be the prettiest/handsomest of the bunch.

So, hopefully the updates will start popping up weekly again soon!  Until next time, enjoy Uni if you get it.  Not sure when I will, but probably Wednesday night or Thursday.

OH!  If you read Cupid’s Conundrum and liked it, please consider voting for me at the Voting Booth.  You will need to be a registered member of Naughty Sims Asylum beforehand.

4 thoughts on “Weeks of Feb. 25 – March 4

    • You’re asking the wrong person. It supposedly lets you customize your whole town. You can use one caste so that fairies can only marry fairies. You can make it so that Elders can work in only jobs you say they can. You can make a caste and put people in that you don’t want to allow to get married. I just can’t figure out how to do all that.

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