Achievement Days

Sorry guys, I made a random couple to do Achievements with and having a lot of fun.  They couple were so random that I didn’t even know their names or traits for over a day.

So far they have gotten me roughly 22 Achievements.

Day 1
1.  Foot in the Door
2.  Master of Illusion
3.  Your own Biggest Fan
4.  Rising Star
5.  Abracadabra
6.  Magic and Mystery
7.  Too Close for Comfort
8.  A New Vice
9.   Buzzed!
10. Silly Shots
11. Delivery Please!  – I couldn’t believe I haven’t ordered a pizza in over a year.
12.  Own Biggest Fan.

Day 2
1.  Kid Party Stuff
2.  Vanishing Act
3.  Dynamic Duo
4.  The Soundtrack of Your Lifetime
5.  Makin’ Magic
6.  You’ve Been Told
7.  And Your Little Gnome Too
8.  I Don’t Believe in Fairies
9.  Unnatural Enemies
10.  Love at First Sight.


Their names are Rachael Fultz and Austin Captenter.  Their traits change depending on what they need to get done.  Here they had to sing 5 duets.  They had to woohoo in the Box of Mystery, so Rachael was forced to become a magician.  Austin is a singer.  They are both trying to earn $20,000 in tips.


They had to take 10 photos in the booth.


Then I gave them a mansion in Starlight Shores so they can take part in the venues.


She is the cutest thing ever.  They are best friends.  They came out well for randomized sims followed by randomized faces and then some tweeking of the lips.


Austin stole all the tippers.


So, Rachael started screwing the tippers away from him.


Austin is tasked with riding the bull on crazy mode 10 times.  The bar closed and I never bought him his own.  We will finish that up someday.


Rachael is also our jogger now.


Rachael’s first performance was a dud.  Only 2% of the audience did not request a refund.


Female:  One of you will save me if this goes bad, right?
Spectators: Booo!  Just die already!


The next day she did.


Even Austin did not know her name.  (I  didn’t know his name at this point yesterday either).


The next day, Austin got the Oh My Ghost.  So we did that.   I resurrected her a few days later.


The night Rach died, Austin had a great performance.


He is always reeling in the tippers.


A dejected Rachael takes the scraps of society.


The first attempt at University was a fail.  They never got their class schedules.  So, I quit without saving and did some research.


Restarted and resurrected Rachael.


Austin is still having great performances.


Dude:  Maybe if I jab my finger up my nose, she will get distracted and stop this sorry excuse of a magic show.


The next day, Austin stopped his tip session and I started up Rach’s.  She got his leftovers and earned quite a bit of money.  I just wish I knew where I could see an overall total.


Omg.  Cutest thing (/funniest thing) ever.  Heat of the Moment kisses.  Rachael was in a mild state of shock after Austin did that.


After her shock she took a couple of seconds to think on it.


Then ate his face off.


I was going to have her do it to other men, but the population all spontaneously combusted.


Jamar Whitfield might have looked shocked, but he ate her face off that time.  In full view of his wife and kid.


Then she did this guy.


Who did not like it!


Poor Rachael didn’t think she did anything wrong.


Then he yelled at her and said she was creepy.


She has a lot of best friends from her tip sessions, so she stuck to them.  She finally got the Achievement for Love at First Sight (our first Uni one).


She might have a Manipulator rep, but don’t let her catch you flirting with your own wife.


Then she stabbed her tongue down Barry Whitfield’s throat.


This pissed off both father and son.  (I did give Barry, on the right, a makeover).


The next day, she hunted down poor Barry and got more friendly with him first this time.  Then she tried the kiss again.  He was so mad!


Then she ran off to puke.


Austin was having another great performance.


Rachael was forced to go around the myriad of men and return them to friend states.  Not all of them were very happy about it.


*sigh*  Incoming.


Where are you going in a darkened taxi?
Austin:  Home to pack my bags.


Rach:  Derp.  Have fun all by yourself at Uni!
Austin:  Too bad the condom broke on some poor old  fool.


He got a class schedule!  So, removing Woohooer, Traveller, Register, store fixes from the overrides folder and turning off SP worked!


Austin got the Irrisistible trait for Uni.  The females flocked to him.
Blonde:  OMG, your farts taste like rainbows!


I had him do some scientific research.


I want a Plantsim.  Here he is gene splicing a seed from his  inventory.  It failed.


Both females are lusting after my poor Austin.


Full moon at Uni!  That can only mean one thing!


Zombie:  Expand your knowledge, expand your brain!  It’s tastier that way.

Austin got the attention of this cute girl.  They hit it off real fast.


He never even brought up the fact that her teeth were quite pointy and sharp.


So sweet!  I love University.  Romantic picture anyone?

Zombie:  That’s my snack!  Get away from him you hussie!


The cute does not end there.


He then blew her a kiss!


That she loved!


He really is gorgeous.


Until he pulled out “The Wink”.


It made her swoon though.


Then they tried to play bashful.


Then he went home….with his new girlfriend.


She had a light snack.


A quickie


Then stayed the night.  She even agreed to go to his classes for him.

I am really having fun with these three (soon to be five).  When Austin gets home, I’m sure what’s her name Samantha Grey will be a frequent visitor or even a resident.  I’m hoping that Barry Whitfield comes around.  Him and Rachael would make cute ass babies.

Now Austin has his first girlfriend and his first day of school done.  Next up are parties, dares and fraternities to explore.

In other news:
March 6 – Tart ISBI Chapter 5.6.
March 7 – 25 Days Chapter 11

I have played several other things, but I have not played enough to update them.  I spent yesterday doing some general maintenance around the blogs.  This weekend I am dumping SP for good.  I didn’t last long without it the other day, but I should have some replacement mods put in to combat the issue I was having.  I’m also dumping CC this weekend.

One thought on “Achievement Days

  1. This makes me excited to pull my magician and acrobat out of haitus. Thier file was one of mine that was borked but I have had success with the others and will be playing mine again. I haven’t had a chance to test uni too much yet but I have a file set up. Thanks for sharing.

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