Week of March 5 – 15

I am still recuperating from the addition of University.  Several files are glitched, while others are acting normal.  I am going through slowly and seeing what is wrong with each one.

Tart is fine and I played the heck out of them this week.
Vinson is having some slight issues.  I also have a contest at Naughty Sims Asylum with several male submissions for a spouse for her.
Name of the Game – I am having issues with the youngest, Judy.  I took her into CAS for her child makeover, and she changed from an Alien into a werewolf.  No one is sure what has caused that.  I have a vampire in another save doing the same thing.  The Tart fairies are fine, Supernatural Sundae witches are fine too.
Midnight Fug – Melon popped during Chuck’s teen birthday.  After they finished celebrating, I saved the game. On the next load up, Melon was not pregnant again.  Therefore, I have decided to drop the PGC portion.  Heir votes will note rely solely on which ever one is the best looking.

Tart Monday
March 6 – Chapter 5.6
March 11 – Chapter 5.7
March 13 – Chapter 5.8
Chapter 5.9 is on schedule for Monday, March 18.

Vinson Tuesday
March 12 – Chapter 2

Name of the Game Wednesday
March 13 – Chapter 14

25 Days Thursday
March 7 – Chapter 11
March 14 – Chapter 12
Chapter 13 is ready for a March 21 publish.

Midnight Sun Uglacy Friday
March 15 – Chapter 4

Moonlight Compulsion Saturday
I am finding this save boring.  I have nothing ready for tomorrows scheduled day.  I might be cancelling this and replacing Saturday with something else.

Supernatural Sundae’s – Switched days with NotG.  NotG is now posting on Wed. and Van and  Angelica will be posting on Sundays.

Acai Berry – Another save I am not having fun with.

WYD Challenge had a rules update to include University Life.

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