Week of March 16 – 24

March 16 – Play Day
March 17 – Tart ISBI Chapter 5.9
March 18 – Vinson – A Man for July.  This was a contest on Naughty Sims Asylum.  I had a vague dating game thing going on.  It was hysterically funny and in the end, July had made her choice.  I did not have time this week to do her weekly post, but I will hopefully get her played this weekend.
March 19 – Play Day.
March 20 – Supernatural Sundae’s Chapter 0.3.  I clicked publish instead of post draft.  So, you got an update really early.
March 20 – Name of the Game Chapter 15
March 21 – 25 Days Chapter 13
March 22 – No clue what I will play on this day.
March 23 – Moonlight Compulsion Chapter 7.
March 24 – Supernatural Sundae’s Chapter 0.4

I would also like to thank anyone that went over to Naughty Sims Asylum and voted for Cupid’s Conundrum.  I did win the contest.  I was so shocked.  I never win anything. On top of a monetary prize, I also get a custom house from Nellas and a custom sim from Minion.  The sim will live in the house and will be used to form my next WYD Mama.  This will be projected for either May or June.

I am also doing a Nothing is Free challenge on Sims Asylum for when I need a break.  It can only be found there and I have no plans to publish it elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Week of March 16 – 24

    • It’s in my Random Stuff thread. I have no clue what page it’s on and I think I hit 15 pages yesterday. I have never gotten into Tumblr, but I post random shots I find during game play of everything. Some are cheaper versions of blog updates too.

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