March 26

I am really not in the mood for writing, but I was able to throw together a couple of updates for today.  I guess that’s what happens when you wake up at 3am ready to start the day.

Vinson – Chapter 3
Açaí Berry PGC – Chapter 3
I find it amusing that they are both chapter 3s for some reason.

Oh and if you didn’t get the memo, Eric Moonlight failed his requirements for teen and thus failed my 2nd Life States Dynasty.

The Supernatural Sundae’s Heir Poll is still ongoing.  Head on over and vote if you haven’t already.

My Moonlight Compulsion Blog is now going to house all my Carl’s failures Projects.  Next up is going to be Random Town Jump Project.  I’m sure I will attempt a Life States Dynasty again at some point, but I think Supernatural Sundae’s is almost like it, but in a different way  LOL


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